Hi, I am new to this so please be patient with me..
I have been on sickness related income support for several years and was recently told I would be moving onto a new benefit ESA.. I filled in the form with help from a welfare rights worker sent it off with a letter from my doctor and had a phone call yesterday to say the changeover had gone through, then today received a letter saying they had put me into a work related group.. I have
1 heart disease since Heart attack in 1997
2 Peripheral neuropathy caused by statins
3Erythromalaligia (sp) which comes secondary to Peripheral neuropathy
4 Bronchiecstasis ( lung disease) Which when I get a chest infection I am ill for 6 weeks and cough blood up and can't sleep in all that time because the cough is potitional
5 cervical spondylosis.
6 previous spinal surgery
7Hiatus hernia
Also I have just come out of hospital after getting Jaundice from gallstone blockage the surgeon wanted me back in after a couple of weeks to remove gallbladder but since ERCP camera and electic prod to push gallstone out I have been in severe pain since which they are now investigating since they can't do the op until they kniow what else is going on.. Also waiting for MRI scan on upper back as I have a trapped nerve that is causing pain and numbness in my right arm.
I am also plagued by depression due to my many conditions and am under the pain management clinic at my local hospital..
I really don't know what I should do now any help appreciated thanks