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Thread: Special Assistance at Heathrow Airport

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    Special Assistance at Heathrow Airport

    Hi have you travelled through Heathrow Airport in the last 12 months?

    Did you use the ‘Special Assistance’ service?

    Were there any problems?

    If so I’d like to hear them! On Wednesday 28th March I will be holding a customer forum near Heathrow, which will enable you, our customers to tell us of any issues you have had. This also represents an opportunity for us to show you the work that we continue to do to improve the service.

    I am the Disability Traveller Advocate working for Omniserv at Heathrow Airport, we provide the Special Assistance service that allows passengers with a disability to be assisted while at the airport.
    If you are interested in attending the forum please let me know as soon as possible. If you are not able to attend but would like your views known then please PM, email or ring me.


    Nigel Brown, Disability Traveller Advocate, Omniserv Ltd

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    Hello I've travelled from Heathrow Airport many times in the past but my last flight was from Manchester in September using budget airlines Thomas Cook and booking online.

    Obviosly I needed wheelchair assistance on and off the aircraft. In my case I'm a crutch user but need manual wheelchair assistance.

    There's a special needs section online.

    Things I request - extra leg room and near the toilets. On both outward and inward journeys I was placed with my partner at the front by the bulkhead - standard spot for disabled passengers. Don't expect to have any assistance getting on/off the loo as air stewards are 'food handlers'.

    The airports are very good at enabling disabled people to get to and from aircraft in a very short space of time. Boarding you will go through passport control, security without waiting in a queue and parked up in the cafe or by the gate and will be allowed on first to avoid the crush.

    When getting off you'll get off last but be taken down the back alleyways, through a separate passport control, straight to the baggage collection carousel. The assistant will collect your luggage and wheel you to the taxi rank area.

    I've always found that the assistants have been respectful, courteous and very keen to give a good service.

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    Thanks for your information, Lightouch.

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