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    esa support

    sorry for the wrong spelling. again is there anyone that can explain how to get in this section rather than the other one, I had my medical assessment a long time ago, and do not understand much. Now have letter saying my benefit will stop as i have been on the contribution based allowance for 365 days which is all the law allows. Unless I am in the support group
    But I have been on this longer than that. Where can I get help and how can I appeal this . It does not say that I can. My problems with health issues are getting worse and I do not know where to go next.

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    you are too late to appeal the group you are in,you could ask for a review if you can show your sicker and fit the bill for support

    is there any chance you would get ESA IR?
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    Ring this number to get advice on benefits.

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    thanks davewhit, i am going to the cab tomorrow which i hope helps, but who do i ask for a review, the GP has now referred me to the mental health people who I see on monday. My husband fills in all the forms and reads the letters, and we do not understand them yet. I did not get a letter about different ESA sections, but just to state that I would continue to get the benefit. I am going to fight each way I can, but this will not help me understand anymore. I am under the neurology dept. for my head, but no diagnosis yet, and I am fighting to get copies of my letters to the GP. I wonder where it will all end. Do the mental health team get involved?

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