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Thread: Proof of benefits for health costs, dentist, prescriptions, etc.

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    was looking at council tax bill for amount to pay and was looking at the CT benefit letter that was enclosed, this states i get it as i am on income related ESA, so another bit of proof if needed

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    I'm just updating this with regard to the ongoing Freedom of Information request about this form.

    The DWP are sticking to their guns that the date on the ESA125 form should be the date that it is issued, rather than the date when your next assessment is due.
    Whilst an ESA125 can only be accepted as evidence of receipt of benefit
    within a month of issue, an individual may request a new ESA125 at any time,
    so will be able to present a valid ESA125 to a pharmacist, etc. whenever it is
    needed for as long as they have a claim to ESA.
    So they are basically saying that you should get a new one every month.
    Or at least every time you need to show it to a pharmicist, dentist, etc.

    The FoI requester is not happy with this answer and is now taking it up with the Information Commisioner.
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