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Thread: what did you do for 50th

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    I might be daring fwipperie and have onion with that cheese sarnie lol. Yes spencer69 very cheeky young un lol, those last few years will go fast make the most of it haha. As for remembering well maybe for 24-48hrs then it will be gone haha.
    Thanks Nuke there's lots of things i'd love to do but physically no longer able even with lots of effort. I'd love to go to an observatory but no one who drives would take me as they'd find it all boring. I did suggest a yurt but a few yrs ago i made sis and kids come with me to camping pod i thought it was great they were not impressed so yurt was a no. I did mention to them that i'd love to see a monster truck show or even go in one, that got better response. My birthday is later in year so we'll see. But thanks for all replies

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    Is going to be my 50th as well...We though of going on holiday as a family, because it's also - and more importantly- my mom's 80th this year, but instead of arranging anything we fell to arguing about it because nobody told my sister abroad that we wanted to do that, and school holidays meant very definite dates, and now my sister has made an unchangeable booking of her family holiday for those dates.

    So the upshot is, I am at a loss what to do. I'll be watching this thread! I'm tempted to tell my brothers and sisters I'm catching winter sun for my 50th and they are welcome to follow suit if they can fit it in...

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    Mine was terrible, my ex had walked out on me and the kids 5 months earlier and left me with a load of credit card debt. Apart from that it was fine

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    Oh heck - I really can't remember as it's not far off 20 years since my 50th. I always go out for a meal with family but other than that can only think we did at some point in time take a holiday.
    Just do whatever is your favourite passtime/hobby - after all it's 'your' special day!!
    Sea Queen

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