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Thread: Just ordered my new skoda but frustrated with the customer service sadly!.

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    Just ordered my new skoda but frustrated with the customer service sadly!.

    Hi everyone hope your having a great day!,

    So the other day i placed my order for brand new Skoda Octavia 1.6L TDI DSG SE Estate with extras with an upfront cost of £100. I went for a test drive with the hatch version with the same engine and pretty much everything else very smooth and such a lovely motor plenty of space for my mangled foot haha. After i did the test drive though and came back into the garage to order that model the estate version things went rather downhill but overall im still very happy with my choice and i feel i was treated very well despite my issues here.

    Let me just say that when i first went to skoda the superb se model was what i wanted and the estate version for £795 upfront!.

    Problem was though, they would have to order a brand new car for that particular model the Superb SE DSG Estate and it would take months to build which i said was fine but they insisted it would be better to get the higher model as it would take just a few weeks to be ready so i said yes and money was no issue. After a lengthy amount of time they found out for that particular model the Superb SEL DSG Estate it had a ton of extras on it and wanted £2099 upfront!, i spat my drink out and my jaw dropped no way i was falling for that even though i did have the money. So from £795 for the Superb SE DSG Model Estate upfront which they insisted was not a good option because of the build time to £2099 and that particular car would be ready in a few weeks yet when i checked what the car had on it all that extra bulk was rubbish none of it would benefit me at all!. They had no options for me on that day with the superb it frustrated me so much . The models i wanted they insisted had been bad choices due to the build times but the ones they recommended would cost me a fortune in upfront payment but all the extras had been totally rubbish which was not going to benefit me personally at all!.

    So basically after all that i finally decided to ditch the superb line and test drive the Skoda Octavia 1.6L TDI DSG Estate out and i was shocked to see that the ovtavia was practically exactly the same without all the gimmicks etc and cheaper obviously. Same smooth drive as the superb and all the comfort you could ask for so why on earth did i go to see the superb line and go through all that nonsense is beyond me but at the end of the day i ended up a happy customer and so pleased with my new car.

    It appears that the garage did not want me placing a new order for a car for some obscure reason but why?. At the end of the day im happy and im pleased with my new car.

    I would love to hear if anybody had any similar issues and i hope everyone is enjoying their motability cars .

    Have a great day!.
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