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Thread: wet room

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    You can get hinged/folding/sliding shower screens but these tend not to be as tall (1.45-1.85m) because they are usually meant to fit over a bath.

    I guess what you need depends on your layout and how much space you have for a hinged door type.

    Here's a few hinged ones, they are a bit pricey though, especially the ones over a meter wide.

    How about a bit of lateral thinking?
    You will have seen a PVC strip curtain door, they are often used in supermarkets between the store and the warehouse.
    (We used to have them on large factory doors to stop wind and rain getting in but let pedestrians and vehicles out easily).

    I reckon one of those would make a decent wetroom shower screen.
    You could have it the full width of the shower, or even the full width of the room, and still be able to get in and out easily.
    (They're cheaper than glass panels as well. eg, clear strips, 1m wide by 2.1 high £49 ex-vat, 2m wide by 2.5 high £120 ex-vat).
    You can get them fixed size or cut to the width and height you need, they even come in frosted or coloured if you want a bit of modesty.
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    Thanks for the ideas, I've had a play around with the layout this morning, there really isn't a lot of room in there, the shower area is 70cm x 165cm with the shower at one of the narrow ends and the bathroom door right next to the other.

    My plan was to fit a screen at the shower end about 75-80cm out from the wall, this would give us a fair bit more width as the existing shower curtain wouldn't be coming in when we shower. That would leave the entrance at the door end of the shower untouched so either a 30cm folding screen opening outwards to gain access then folding back straight to prevent the water getting out.

    Fitting an 1.1m panel would leave a 55cm opening, with the folding screen fitted and parallel to the screen it would only leave 20-25cm of open area at the very back of the shower area furthest away from the actual shower head.

    I'll draw something up so I can show what I mean.

    OK, this should give a better idea, top drawing is as it is now, lower drawing is my cunning plan. The Doorway has the door opening outwards away from the bathroom with the hinge on the left.

    Click image for larger version. 

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