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Thread: Parking fine woes

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    Parking fine woes

    I am so very annoyed with myself. Parked in a retail park carpark on Tuesday. It always was free parking for blue badge holders. Parked in a disabled bay and I noticed new big blue signs stating Anyone Not Displaying a Valid Blue Badge may be fined £90. I read it, my friend read, my son read and we all came to the same conclusion!! We had a valid blue badge, we would be fine. Silly, silly me, parking fine letter arrived today. We all assumed that as we had a valid blue badge we would be ok. Went to the retail park today. My hubby parked outside and we walked in, store I visited on the 8th is the first one as you enter. Took pics of signs then checked ticket machine, here it says no concessions for disabled drivers. The signs seem so misleading. Why could they not print that info on the sign at the disabled space.!! I always pay to park when I have to, would never cheat the system. Just feel so stupid !!

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    You could challenge it on miseading signage, parking signs are supposed to be clear.

    I'm not sure if it would be worth it though

    I'm supposing here that the £90 fine is for anyone parking in a disabled space and not displaying a BB.
    The parking company will argue that this is the only purpose of that sign, to reserve those spaces for BB holders, and that you have to pay as well as displaying your BB in a disabled space.

    It does sound (deliberately?) misleading to me, as you say- "ticket machine, here it says no concessions for disabled drivers........Why could they not print that info on the sign at the disabled space."
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    It is misleading. A certain town we visit monthly for an appointment has free parking in the council owned car parks for blue badge holders. Each time we go I ask hubby to check what it says on the machine because anytime soon I expect the rules to change.

    He thinks I am fussing but obviously not.

    By not making the new charging policy for bb holders clear the company will be raking in lots of money from people like yourself. Bet the wardens are hovering round the bb spaces and rubbing their hands with glee.

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    If its a private car parking firm (ie not council) if your appeal is rejected they will send a verification number so you can appeal again to POPLA (google POPLA) POPLA are an independant appeals panel they have to power to overturn the fine and they are very fair and will most likely side with you.

    Explain the situation, upload a picture of your blue badge and misleading signage.

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    Once when parking in an unfamiliar car park I did decide to check whether there was a free parking for Blue Badge holders. So went to the ticket machine, the only one in the car park, and discovered is was inaccessible. There was no dipped curb and no way, as a wheelchair user, I could access the machine. There was no phone payment option either.

    Thankfully the concession was available.
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