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Thread: esa medical stories

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    esa medical stories

    hi im waiting to hear if i have to go to a medical or not my question is this can they make you do things that can cause you severe pain as ive heard horror stories that ppl are being pushed into being fit because the claimant is so in pain they cant do the task that they have been asked to do in other words atos think they are putting the pain on just to get out of the task the doctor has asked them to do

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    Interesting question. I would say they cannot force you to do anything that could cause possible injury, especially related to any condition you may have. I have wondered if they would try to make me walk without a walking stick or not leaning on things. Or try to lift my leg when standing. I would think if you cannot do something because of the pain then you cannot do it, so how could they force you to? Would this be refusing to cooperate, or would this show you cannot perform a task because of the pain?
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    My examiner stated that I would not be asked to do anything I felt too difficult.
    The problem comes in that examiners and examinations seem to be a bit of a lottery and therein it's impossible to make a definitive answer to the question, especially given that the DWP have been given targets to achieve, who knows what the criteria is?????

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