Maybe I did not describe things too well.
You see, I have not "cut down or cut out " anything, as for quite some time, the after effects of radiotherapy in the neck region (which killed my thyroid and saliva glands) affected my taste, first I could taste nothing at all and once it returned after several months, nothing was the same.

Once a great coffee drinker, I now can't stand the taste. I always had milk in my tea, now that repulses me so I prefer it black and I have always had unsweetened beverages.
I cannot bear anything sweet hence no sugar. My daily food intake as described above is normal for me and portion size is small (thanks to my two dogs with pleading eyes) I do not do ready meals and all dishes are prepared using fresh ingredients not tinned.

The only exercise I can manage these days is a 10 minute hobble to the local shop and back and that is really pushing things to the limit which is hard considering I was always active.