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Thread: Disability equipment for disabled peopel that are physically impaired

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    Disability equipment for disabled peopel that are physically impaired

    Dear whomever this may concern,

    I have been set the task of acquiring some primary research for my
    final year project. I have made some questionnaires and it would be
    great if you could help out.

    Head Sensor
    I am currently studying at Sheffield University and I am in my final
    year. I have been set the task of doing a business plan for my final
    project and with the help of Engineers we have come up with an
    impairment disability product.

    Aim of research
    The aim of my research is do see whether this product would be
    suitable for the disability market and if people would be willing to
    buy such a product. We have been working on the product for the last
    few months or so and would like to gather the opinions of people that
    actually work close with disabled people or people who actually have
    such disabilities themselves.

    It would be much appreciated if you could maybe give some feedback by
    filling in my questionnaire as any sort of feedback would be much
    appreciated. I can send this questionnaire to any email that you
    provide. I have the description of the product on an attachment I can
    send to you if you would be willing to help out.

    You can contact me on 07863350163 and my emails contacts are

    The deadline for my work is 5th of June but it would be great if you
    could maybe get this back to me within the next couple of days if
    possible, maybe before the 2-3rd June. I know this is a big ask but
    would be brilliant if you could as I have to put this data into my
    work and then talk about it by the 5th June.

    Best Wishes


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    Hi Josh
    I'm happy that you post your request on the Disability Grants Facebook page.......

    It would be great if you could provide a link direct to the questionnaire as this will make it easier for people.

    There are also lots of other Disability related groups on Facebook who may be interested in commenting on your questionnaire.

    Good luck with your research.

    Julia Tyrrell

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