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Thread: Youreable website takes over 60 seconds plus to change pages

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    Youreable website takes over 60 seconds plus to change pages

    My experience of using the Youreable website has dropped to 'Poor' despite their claim that it has been upgraded.

    I Google Yourable - click on the thread that takes me to the home page - great, no problem! After that it's all down hill.

    When I click on 'Forums' on the home page it takes me to a blank page and stays there for 60-75 seconds

    I'm on super fast fibre optic broadband, have cleared history - makes no difference

    Being viewed via browsers Safari or Firefox - same problem

    Website is fine when viewed on iPhone

    Come on Youreable technical people - you're advertisers won't be happy either!
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    Not having any of those problems here LT.

    The fact that it'saffecting 2 different browsers and that it's OK on your phone would suggest that it's a problem with your PC/laptop.

    My first thought was maybe the adverts were being slow loading, so I turned off my Adblock but it was not a noticable difference.
    You might try an adblocker anyway to see if it makes a difference.

    What you describe sounds typical of various PUPs/PUMs that can get onto your machine and track what you are doing, intercept your browsing, send marketing information about you (what websites you visit), etc.
    It could also be an anti-virus issue, they do develop glitches just like everything else.
    If you use a 3rd party AV you could try refreshing/reinstalling it.

    If you haven't already, I would suggest you run a junk cleaner and one or more malware/junkware scans.

    I use and reccomend the following:

    CCleaner - Cleans out junk and temp files. Run daily, or after a heavy browsing session.
    (DON'T use the registry cleaner, its a technicians tool not a general cleaning tool. It can break your machine if you don't know what you are doing).
    Be careful to untick the offer for Avast or Chrome when installing it, or use the slim or portable versions.

    MalwareBytes - Anti Malware and PUP/PUM removal. Full version runs real time alongside your AV as extra protection and has a scan tool for cleanup. Free version scans only.
    I run a scan at least weekly using the free, scan only, version.
    The download is an automatic 14 day trial of the full version. Changes to scan only after 14 days if you don't buy. (You can also turn off the trial once installed and use as scan only).

    ADwCleaner - Removes adware, trackers, keyloggers, etc. Run if your computer slows down or if you think you may be infected.
    This doesn't install. Download it and run straight from the 'Download' folder. (Double click it in file explorer).

    Those links are for the Windows versions, CCleaner and MalwareBytes have Mac and Android versions as well.

    Usual disclaimers:
    I have no connection to the above companies, other than using their software.
    Other cleaner programmes are available. (I sometimes use another one for a 'second opinion').
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    But I'm good at searching for, and finding, stuff.

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