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Thread: work focus health assesment

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    work focus health assesment

    i found this on the citizens advice website and on saintjanets approval posted a new thread.

    The work-focused health-related assessment
    The government has suspended the work-focused health-related assessment until July 2012.

    When the work-focused health-related assessment applies again, you will only have to do it if you are in the work-related activity group.

    This test collects additional information about the things that you can do despite your condition. This is different from the other two tests which focused on the things you cannot do.

    The work-focused health-related assessment looks at difficulties you are likely to experience in getting and staying in work as a result of your mental or physical condition. It also looks at ways of managing these difficulties or minimising them. It takes into account your views on your condition and any aspirations you have.

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    does this mean theres no esa medical till then at the earliest ? can anyone shed any light on this

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    Chris, you may get a better response now, but you don't need my approval, i'm only a poster like you

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    Seems i was wrong about the response as the answer is on the other thread!

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    Sorry I am a bit dim... what one has been cancelled... when do you get this is it after the medical....and one of the interviews aimed at getting you back to work...?

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