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Thread: Pay special attention to the last paragraph...

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    Pay special attention to the last paragraph...

    Hope you paid attention to the last Paragraph...WHAT A HYPERCRITE

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    The sad fact is this has sod all about helping people back to work, anyone who has been to a job provider or even Job center plus, would soon learn they know or care sod all.

    But sadly in the end we will either win the appeal or lose either way I suspect a lot of people will give up, I myself have a very Sharpe knife.

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    I agree has nothing to do with helping us it has and always has been a way to save money and even dismantle the welfare system all together...

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    That's interesting. They'll be using a computer programme to guage your impairments. I've seen this system used in 'Job Evaluation' to assess a person's skill, experience and knowledge. The idea is to take out the human element of the person recording the answers. According to the answer you give the 'system' will take you down one route or another. It's clean, clinical and just accepts yes or no answers. The results are instant - you'll either qualify for DLA or you won't.

    It's very worrying. As this is a cost cutting exercise.

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