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Thread: Abi loader advice needed

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    Abi loader advice needed

    Hi all, I wonder if there are any Abi loader users out there? I would like to get your views on it and any other info you feel may be of use to know.


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    Here are some of the testimonials from the Manufacturer's WEB-site:
    "I have now had the AbiLoader on my car for about 18 months and am very happy with it. It has worked without problems and has proved to be remarkably efficient. Had this product not been available I would probably have had to look at getting a self drive van - considerably more expensive than the Abiloader"
    "I have purchased the AbiLoader system from one of the best engineers I have ever come across - Igor.
    I have primary progressive multiple sclerosis and this system has changed my life, lifting my chair into my vehicle was becoming a struggle, now with the AbiLoader system it is saving my energy allowing much safer driving skills.
    I have had no problems with this equipment in over 1 year and am very impressed with the simplicity of the unit.
    Igor also converted my vehicle to full disabled hand controls and my mechanics can't believe the precision of the work that Igor achieves.
    Everything is excellent, 10 out of 10."
    And that one from UK:
    "It is now nearly a week since I took delivery of my new Zafira, so I thought I should let you know how pleased I am with the Abiloader. It is living up to all my hopes and expectations.

    Without your skill, ingenuity and determination to make it work, I am sure this would not have been possible. Your attention to detail in adjusting and modifying not only the Abiloader, but also my wheelchair was first class practical engineering of the highest order. I am very happy if you want to use me as a reference for any future potential customers or the Abiloader"
    From Roy

    You can also type "Abiloader" in YouTube search engine, where you can watch a few different installations and even end users talking about it.
    Please let me know what exactly you want to know?

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    To be honest I'd not take to much notice of testimonials placed onto a site of the manufacturers. check out disability sites like DN or others lots around.

    here is something from a large disability group

    Road show reveals Disability Aids.
    6th June 2009.

    Innovative devices designed to give disabled people greater freedom and independence are on display at the Mobility Road show at Kemble Airfield in Gloucestershire.

    They include technology that delivers a wheelchair from the boot of a vehicle to the driver's door in 25 seconds, a vehicle conversion that allows a wheelchair user to drive from their chair or swap over to the front passenger's side, a simulator to test adaptations.

    Express delivery.

    The Abi-Loader device (seen above) - from Hertfordshire-based Steering Developments - can be used to deliver a folding or fixed-frame wheelchair to the driver's or passenger's door from the rear of the vehicle.

    The company says the Abi-Loader is designed to be used with estate cars, MPVs and some hatchbacks.

    "What we like about it is that if you can open your door, you can load or unload your wheelchair because it takes up no more width at the side of the vehicle than that," said Neale Boulton of Steering Developments.

    The wheelchair can be released from or attached to the Abi-Loader using a simple locking mechanism.

    People wishing to use it will need to have sufficient upper-body strength to operate the locking catch and - if using a folding wheelchair - be able to unfold it and transfer in and out of their vehicle.

    At just under 6,000 it costs almost twice as much as an automated "top-loader" which stores a wheelchair on the roof of the car.

    But the company says not having a box on the roof will improve fuel economy.

    The Abi-Loader has not yet been approved by Motability but Steering Developments expects that it soon will be.

    The device is similar to an Israeli product already on the market which is controlled by a computer.

    Mr Boulton says the Abi-Loader has "less to go wrong".



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    Thanks to everyone who responded! I seem to be managing fine at the moment, so can say I am very pleased with it all.

    Happy motoring all!

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