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Thread: Change of IB to ESA

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    Change of IB to ESA

    My husband's date of birth is 6/8/1944, he has been receiving IB and DLA for a number of years after suffering a brain haemorrhage. I am 67 years old and get Pension Credit. My husband has now had a letter informing him that someone will be phoning him soon to explain how this will affect him and will then send him a form to fill in called' Limited Capability for Work'. Is he not exempt from this by our ages? Thanks.

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    Oh I am so sorry, I put my birth year...not his! His birth year is 1949.
    Thanks for your reply though.

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    If he was born in 1949 he will be only 62 this year so he will have to go with the Limited Capability for Work test, but if he is that bad it shouldn't be a problem. good luck

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