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Thread: s max titanium petrol

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    s max titanium petrol

    hi could someone help me i am after june/july prices for this car im just wondering if this will go up or down in october

    many thnx

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    The current prices from Motability will cover July prices.

    The prices are changed every quarter.

    Quarter 1 - 1st Jan - 31st March
    Quarter 2 - 1st April - 30th June
    Quarter 3 - 1st July - 30th Sept
    Quarter 4 - 1st Oct - 31st Dec

    I've only kept records for cars that I'm particularly intersted in, unfortunately the S-Max isn't one of them.

    I have kept the past couple of pdfs on my phone, which only include a small selection of the cars.

    The S-Max 1.6TDCi Zetec went from 1995 in June (Q2) to 1395 in July (Q3), so it's anyones guess what it'll do in October (Q4)?
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    Have you looked on the DWP Motorbility site for current prices.

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