Hi my name is Keeran and this is my first time here. I need to purchase to wheelchair and a car for that matter but I don't really know where to start or what to buy. there is a chance that once i begin to get tom the pool and really work out and lose weight that i might become more mobile and then i wouldn't need a chair for indoors as well as outdoors. right now i can't stand for more then 2-3 mins and then my legs begin to give out. Back surgery last may wasn't done completely to fix the spinal stenosis and had surgery again this may and am still bad off but there is still a chance esp with weight loss. so i need to know what is a good first chair to use inside to enable me to cook and stuff like that as well as basic stuff like go to the mall and club to swim and grocery shopping and walk my dog. if i need to stay with a chair then i will look into a heavy duty one like the Q6 or something like that. any one want to give me some advice. my weight is right at the 300l lb mark for info concerning chairs. thanks.