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Thread: DLA(Northern Ireland) Home Medical

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    DLA(Northern Ireland) Home Medical

    Hi all, new here but just looking a bit of advice. I am currently receiving ESA and DLA here in N.Ireland. My DLA is due to expire soon and I have just received a call to tell me I am having a home medical in the morning.
    I don't want to feel nervous about it but with all the bad press it is only to be expected.
    What should I expect and is there anything I should be asking.
    I have a number of disabling complaints. Bladder Cancer for which I now have a stoma, something that after 2 years I still can't get used to. I also suffer from Sarcoidosis which greatly impairs my breathing. All these issues have led to depression and I am attending a psychologist.

    Any help of what to expect would be very much appreciated.

    Many Thanks

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    hi nice to meet you I have sarcoidosis andknow how bad that can be there is a web site( sila the sarcoidosis support community) they are a god send there are thing on there that can help you with benefits they have gone to the groverment with top docs to change things so theyknow more about sarcoidosis there are some people on ther with cancer we know that sarcoidosis can give you other illness as well all the best

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