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    My friend was placed in the Support Group in 2012. A year later I filled in another form, but the WCA never took place, due to Atos withdrawal. 6 months ago she moved in with her partner, also in the Support Group. She has suddenly had a letter from DWP with a mandatory appointment for a work focused interview for partners, and if she does not go they will stop his ESA. I phoned the DWP who insist she is not in the Support Group. So does this mean that if someone in the Support Group becomes the partner of someone in the Support Group, then they are no longer in the Support Group? Inconveniently, the Jobcentre appointment is the day after a hospital appointment for drainage of acsites. This lady has advanced liver cirrhosis, that affects her mental functioning and she gets very aggressive. Has she lost her place in the Support Group?

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    When they became a couple they whould have had to make a joint claim for Income Related ESA.
    As both were in Support Group it would not matter which partner claimed.

    You can only be paid a Support Component or Work Related Activity Component for one person in a joint claim.
    From what you say this is in her partners name.
    However, she should keep her own ESA claim open.
    If she closes it she will stop receiving class 1 National Insurance credits, which count towards her entitlement for
    state Retirement Pension.
    She would also loose her underlying entitlement to Contributions Based ESA should it be needed in future.

    As regards the interview, technically she is not in SG or WRAG anymore, she is the partner of someone in SG.
    (She has an underlying entitlement to CB ESA but this is currently overridden by the joint claim).

    So yes, they can call her in for a WFI as the partner of someone in SG.

    Once they realise that she has an underlying entitlement to SG herself they may well not ask her back for anymore.

    As regards the Hospital appointment I would ask them to change the date of the WFI on the grounds that it may
    be injurous to her health to attend the day after a medical (surgical) procedure.
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    It appears to me there may be a serious misinterpretation of the Regulations here, if so it will be an extremely complicated matter, so contact someone who understands to go through your friends situation and circumstances ASAP.

    Keep us informed of how it goes and best of luck.

    NB: There may be a Social/Welfare Worker available when she visits the Hospital, tell her to inquire.
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