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Thread: Recording PIP assessment

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    Recording PIP assessment

    Hi everyone, apologies if this has been asked before, I had a look and couldnt see anything. I had to apply for PIP a couple of months ago (currently on DLA) I've been told to expect a home assessment very soon. I emailed ATOS customer support to ask about recording assessments, their reply has left me terrified, they say they will not record it, but, I can record it myself if I supply duel recording equipment capable of making 2 CD's during the assessment ! I simply cant do this, I cant afford it, the machine their talking about is over £1,000.
    I've already been through the ESA/WCA nightmare and I know how vital it is to record an assessment.

    Surely this is discriminatory ? it is denying me the chance to question their comments and decisions due to my poor financial circumstances.

    When I emailed them about this I told them I was under the impression that I could record anything if it was about myself as long as it was only used for note taking purposes. surely this is what the Law says ? Please someone tell me I'm right ! I'm really scared about this.

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    Anyone can make notes - though if you wish to record - you must ask permission - and it must be a dual recorder. Immediately after the assessment you must hand one copy to the Assessor.

    Another thread = started last night:

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    you could do a (covert) recording but if the assessor see's this they will ask you to stop, if you refuse they will terminate the assessment and send your claim back to dwp who will close your claim due to you (failing to participate) in an assessment.

    you are correct by law you can record any meetings etc, but its also correct that you must inform the other party involved that you are doing it and they are within their rights to refuse to let you record them.

    what needs to happen is claimants asking for it recording under the disability equality act as a (reasonable adjustment), and if refused as we know it will be, taking it to an appeal/law courts and getting a judgement for it to be allowed but while all that is going on we the claimants wont get an award of benefits, and cant afford to do that, as the current regime know full well.

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    Ah yes I see the other post about this now, apologies !
    Thanks for the advice though it hasnt cheered me up any, I cant afford the equipment, I cant borrow it and I dont have anyone to take notes, this is really unfair. At my ESA assessment the HCP told a pack of lies in his report which I proved in Court and got an apology. I'm expecting the same thing with PIP but this time I'll have nothing to fight back with.

    I've just been looking at possibly renting one but theres nothing suitable, the DWP probably bought them all up just in case !

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    thank you ! going to have a bid on the item now, if I get it and things work out maybe I can offer it on the forum when I'm done ?

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    went to £36 which was all I could spare but lost it

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    I think theres a problem with buying one of these recording units, it looks like they only record on one channel at a time.
    I cant for the life of me see a problem with using 2 cheap CD recorders at the same time, you get 2 CD's with the same content, no wait......I can see a huge problem, it would mean people could actually record their assessment and we cant have that now can we.

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    I found a FOI request to the DWP about recording PIP assessments

    Its from 2013 so need to make sure its still valid, I'll phone them and ask.

    Still looking for suitable equipment but it might be easier if the FIO is true, all you need is equipment that will produce 2 CD's or audio cassettes ate the end of the interview, so perhaps 2 separate units ? anyhow I'll find out more and let you know.

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    Update on this ........ none of the second hand machines are suitable ! very few are capable of simultaneous recording on 2 tapes and the ones that are, arent "stand alone" units, they require amplifiers, I've just spoken to ATOS and the machines have to be self contained. There is absolutely no reason for this other than to deny us the right to record, they will not compromise in any way.

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