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Thread: HRMC/PIP. How many of us will actually meet the new criteria?

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    HRMC/PIP. How many of us will actually meet the new criteria?

    Well, I have had a look at the assesment for the higher rate PIP for the ability to get a Motability car.
    I don't meet the new requirements, as even though I am buggered after 50 mtrs, I don't require q wheelchair from the start.
    Am I suddenly not disabled anymore? has the government cured me???

    How many of you meet the 11 point requirement?
    Rememeber, you will need 11 points from this section to meet the Higher rate requirements:

    Activity 11 – (higher scoring descriptors only)

    C Can move up to 50 metres unaided but no further. For example: identifies individuals who can move up to 50 metres unaided but then require a wheelchair for anything further. 8 points

    D Cannot move up to 50 metres without using an aid or appliance, other than a wheelchair or a motorised device. For example: identifies individuals who can use an aid or appliance to move up to 50 metres but then require a wheelchair for anything further. 10 points

    E Cannot move up to 50 metres without using a wheelchair propelled by the individual. 12 points

    F Cannot move up to 50 metres without using a wheelchair propelled by another person or a motorised device. 15 Points

    G Cannot either –i. move around at all; or ii. transfer unaided from one seated position to another adjacent seated position.
    15 points

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    This new PIP assesment is a worry, can see a lot of disabled people missing out on the benefit because of this new assssment. Dont have much confidence in these so called health proffesionals who will be carrying out the assesments.

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    The BB is not just dependent on getting DLA. It is automatic for those on HRM now, but other factors can play a part in it for those who do not get HRM. It might be harder to apply for & even get it, but it is not over. Medical evidence is considered.
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    Nothing has been set in stone yet, so please don't get yourself worried about things...yet!

    Motability haven't actually decided if it will be the higher rate of PIP or both rates that entitle you to the scheme.
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    Hi all i too must admit i am so worried over this new P.I.P it took me over 1 year to win my appeal and i have just put a deposit down(£1199) for a car and my D.L.A is up for renewal in August 2013 and i would be so upset if this P.I.P took my H.R.M. away from me the fact that i would have to hand my automatic car back,i would then have to appeal the decision hopefully win back my H.R.M, but then i presume i would have to pay the A/P again for my automatic??.This is such a stressful time for people that receive this benefit.Sorry for ranting but im so confused when it comes to things like this understanding benefits.

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    It is a worry & nothing we can do right now, we have to hope. I am trying to cut back & make some savings, to help cover it.
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    I got my BB before I got DLA I had to have a walking assessment. The physio who carried it out could not believe I had been turned down twice for DLA. Awarded DLA two months later. If the NHS would give me new knees I could walk better but apparently I am too young. A worrying time for us all.

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    There you go. As I have said before, getting HRM is not required to get a BB, it just means that by getting it you have an automatic right to these things. There are assessments for BB.

    Gus, you are too young? They are hitting everyone as older people are told they are too old. People needing treatments in their 40s, 50s, 60s are having to wait 10 or more years, in some cases, until they are really bad. A recent case I know of of a elderly man who could not get surgery, then his legs were becoming gangrenous & they had to amputate them. If they had treated him sooner this would not have happened. For him this was caused by his diabetes.
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    Hi Stephen,
    Yes I was told by consultant they would give me new knees when I am 65 as they have to be replaced approx every 17 years. Trouble is I am only 44.Hopefully I will be getting a mobility scooter as my mobility is deteriorating . I also have crohns so need to be able to get to a loo quick at present this is very difficult. The anxiety and stress this causes means I have developed agoraphobia and rarely leave the house. The scooter should make a huge difference and maybe I can get the confidence to go out again.

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    I think you need to challenge that, & for that you need advice, perhaps legal advice. Perhaps the CAB can help point you in the right direction on it. It is worth a try, trying to challenge it as that is a long wait, far too long. It is disgusting. The money you will cost the country waiting is far more than it would cost for them to fix this now. Yet they never see that as the monies come from difference sources so they do not care. From what you have said you need someone to help you fight your cause & case, see if something can be done sooner.
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