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Thread: Three year motorbility lease up in a months time.

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    Three year motorbility lease up in a months time.

    I have had the Qashqai 360 for three years, i made a mistake and jumped at the 1.6 which has been so underpowered and not the joy it would have been had i gone for the 1.5 diesel.
    I loved the 360 camera, the Nav, but do i now go for the qashqai Diesel, you see i need the High seat, it helps me exit the car so easy, is there a smaller car that has high seating, i need to order a car in a couple of days if i dont want a gap without a car, i have had so much going on i forgot about renewing/looking for another car.
    I have been looking also (today) at the 1.6 diesel Tuscon, does anyone here drive one and how does it compare to the 1.5 qashqai.


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    Jim, don't panic. Many people overshoot the date. All Motability are interested in is that you still want to lease another Motability car.

    Even if you found and ordered another car tomorrow it might take 3 months to make and deliver - Motability would just let you continue using your existing car until the new one arrives.

    Are you on DLA or PIP. If you are on DLA and awaiting a letter inviting you to claim for PIP you might even consider extending the lease for another 2 years with no deposit - conditions apply.

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    Hi Thanks for the reply, i was awarded DLA for four years, three years up and Motability says i can order new car so long as i have at least a year left on DLA, god knows what will happen then. I had to fight hard when atos got my DLA rejected and i took it to appeal and won, but reading all the horror stories i am not confident, i dont know what will happen, i will be 65 this year so i think they will be coming after me pretty soon.

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    Hi Jimmy - another option would be for you to contact Motability and extend the lease on your current vehicle. Depending on mileage Motability can extend the lease for another 2 years. As you say the DWP will be contacting you some time re the changeover to PIP and extending your current vehicle lease will at least avoid some hassle now when you probably don't need it.
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    Three years is good length for lease.

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