I've been posting on here re. my son who is waiting to hear about a decision on his PIP.

When filling in his forms, I started to wonder whether my husband should apply for PIP or whether it is just so hopeless now, it is not worth bothering? (Which is probably the point of the new system).

Husband is hearing impaired and deteriorating rapidly. He has a hearing aid and recently was assessed in the workplace and told he will need to have a lot of equipment/technology, to continue with his job.

He is really beginning to struggle.

Whilst answering the questions on the form for my son I kept thinking how some of it now applies to husband as well.

Thing is, when I Googled all I can find is very negative - that hearing and visually impaired people are losing their benefits as they migrate from DLA to PIP.

Is anyone here hearing impaired and been through the process? Or has anyone here advised a hearing impaired person through the process?

I'm guessing the changes were made to ove the goalposts and rule out a lot of disabled people from getting benefits who previously qualified and it does seem nothing on those forms is calibrated for the hearing impaired - yet his disability is getting more extreme all the time, and we are really beginning to feel its impact. Should he apply?