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Thread: Problems With Car

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    Problems With Car

    Currently have a brand new 3month old Vauxhall Zafira Tourer 1.4 petrol and we have had a couple of issues latest being the immobilizers playing up and it wont start, had the RAC out and they advised it needs to go to vauxhall so next morning it did start the problems were there when the RAC came out, took it to vauxhall and there saying middle of next week before they can look at it so not overly impressed considering it starts when it feels like it, would calling motability jolly vauxhall up or maybe get another car while this is being repaired, vauxhall said motobility wont give us another unless its broken down which in effect you never know if its going to start when your out so not happy to be honest anybody have any ideas whats best to may not start tommorow which in that case the RAC will be told take it to vauxhall and leave it with them no good if its going to start when it feels like it and both keys have been tried by the RAC and they say the issues the car.
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    Hi you could ring motability but you probably won't get a hire car etc unless yours is unusable for 2 weeks or more as motability are tight from experience especially if modified with hand controls from my own experience. You could try an alternative dealer in your area they might be able to get it sooner you don't have to use one you got vehicle from

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    Could well be an immobiliser or CIM (Column Integrated Module) problem ?

    Anyway, should be an easy fix for your tardy Dealer.

    Next time it refuses to start, try removing the key, then lock and unlock the car several times before trying to start the car again.

    You mentioned other issues, if your horn/steering wheel controls are also misbehaving it's definitely a well known fault.

    Hope your intermittent problem is soon resolved

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    Thanks for the worked fine not missed a beat if anything more responsive...other issues are electrical the central display for the heating control sometimes doesn't come on stays black and the display sometimes shows the fan speed as OFF when its on number 2,you move it and nothing and the same with the air direction it shows AUTO and doesn't have that fuction you turn the car off and restart and its all ok and working, been in to vauxhall for the display issue and they found nothing allthough they did say looks like an electrical fault. Car has also lost power a couple of times only for a split second when you come off a roundabout and put your foot down, nothing there just a pinking noise then its off, No lights nothing so hard to find and the indicators turning itself off when you indicate right and go to the roundabout as you just start to turn it turns off so your fiddling about but vauxall have said another one doing it so looks like that should be fixed hopefully on wednesday...overall its a lovely car just some niggly issues.
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    I hope problems sorted out soon.

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    Well had the car in at the dealers and to be honest lost faith in them, Advised after sitting their 2hrs nothing can be found when clearly somethings amiss even the RAC guy had the problem, In future were going to use another vauxhall dealer and see if it plays up again what they can find, None of the issues were located or fixed including the indicator which we got told thats how they are..just fobbed off and advised if the car breaks down don't call the RAC out god knows why what we meant to do fix it ourself...Terrible service considering its our first motability car and just having been awarded pip until at least 2026 so the new way the dwp of giving a permanent entitlement we would of been getting another from them 3yrs down the line and servicing inbetween but not now going to use another dealer, they simply were not interested considering the cars only 4mth old and been in twice now for electrical issues with the first time the delaer saying theirs an electrical fault just have to let it manifest itself, No good having a motability car and not knowing if its going to start everyday.

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    If you do not get satisfaction from dealer call Motability customer service.

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    I don't think Motability would be happy the way this dealership is dealing with your issues. It doesn't sound like they are customer focused. Make a record of who you talked too and what wassail. Then ask to speak to the manager. aIaaf they say he's unavailable ask to speak to his manager.

    It's far easier to complain to managers higher up the food chain as they realise the importance of customer satisfaction - as it reflects on them.

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    Ring the Dealership manager telling him/her you'll allow another attempt at fixing your car and that you'll be rejecting the car if the intermittent fault isn't rectified.

    Like already advised .....inform Motability.

    For maximum your saga on Vauxhall's Twitter page.

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    The law has changed regarding sake of goods. Not certain it applies to cars but if so the dealer gets 1 attempt to fix it. As others say call Motability.

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