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Thread: Problems With Car

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    The vehicle is owned by Motability Operations, so you do need to get onto them to get it sorted, or replace the vehicle if necessary; as per paragraph 11.8 of the contract.

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    Motability have recently enhanced their proposition and will offer you a hire car if your car is off road for this type of problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sikez View Post
    Currently have a brand new 3month old Vauxhall Zafira Tourer 1.4 petrol and we have had a couple of issues latest being the immobilizers playing up and it wont start, had the RAC out and they advised it needs to go to vauxhall so next morning it did start the problems were there when the RAC came out, took it to vauxhall and there saying middle of next week before they can look at it so not overly impressed considering it starts when it feels like it, would calling motability jolly vauxhall up or maybe get another car while this is being repaired, vauxhall said motobility wont give us another unless its broken down which in effect you never know if its going to start when your out so not happy to be honest anybody have any ideas whats best to may not start tommorow which in that case the RAC will be told take it to vauxhall and leave it with them no good if its going to start when it feels like it and both keys have been tried by the RAC and they say the issues the car.
    I hope this matter has now been rectified?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fwipperie View Post
    I hope this matter has now been rectified?
    No we still have issues with the cars electrical system, It's a case of were use to it...

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    Please report to motability asap

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