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Thread: Employing a Career Directly

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    Employing a Career Directly


    I have careers in place for me set up by the council via a career company, But there are times the careers don't turn up. Can anyone please explain how i go about employing a single career directly through the council.

    I receive DLA


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    Im in N.ireland we have direct payments, which means you get the money instead of accepting care from the health trust. This allows you to employ your own carers to fit in with your own schedule. You could also use it to pay for agency care and can can also have a combination of health trust carers AND direct payments for your own carer as well. You will have to register as an employer hut there is a lot of support to help with this( here we have centre for independent living)

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    Have you complained about this to council - they are paying the agency to provide your care and they won't be happy particularly as they will probably be paying the agency for the occasions when the carer did not show up.

    Regarding Direct Payments we looked at this and it was a bit of a nightmare to be honest we advertised several times for carers and held 2 sets of interviews. The responses were not good so we gave up in the end. We were also put off by the admin involved even with help it was all pretty onerous. It's personal choice I suppose but Direct Payments weren't for us.
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    Thank you for your replies

    I have someone who is experienced in caring and trustworthy. I just wanted to know which council department i need to contact.


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    Contact Social Services Adult Care

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    I think you mean carer - as opposed to career (which is a profession or job).
    Social services are the people who will have set this up and you can complain to the company first and if you get nowhere, phone social services and say you want to speak to your social worker and that you want to change agencies.
    Ask around in your area as to which there are and their reliablity

    You CAN employ a personal carer directly yourself. It is a bit more paperwork. You will have to do the advertising, interviewing, and choosing of a potential employee and then administer the pay and insurance. Now you can get help with this and should speak to Direct Payments to set it in motion.

    If you self fund ie pay the carers from your own funds, well you can draw up your own rules but if not you are limited to the standerd pay scales and hours set.
    i found both these sites very useful

    first thing to consider is a job advert. What exactly do you want? When? Where? Male or female? Stuff like that. Have a read on the first site and you'll get the gist.

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