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Thread: Says I have to join in order to post, while I am logged in!

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    Says I have to join in order to post, while I am logged in!

    I am logged into the forum, I can access my profile page.

    Yet, it is saying on top of the page, that I have to be logged in in order to post on the forums.

    I don't know if this will post, maybe admin will see it, but I am very confused.

    Add in, that I am also waiting for a post I made last week to appear, what's going on?

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    The thing you are seeing is called a banner ....there is a cross on the right habd side top to close it

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    Hi scott,

    Birdwatcher made that post last August when there were a few problems going on with posting

    Its always worth looking at the date of the last post before replying.
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    Same Issue i got at this time now , is there any problem in posting ??

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