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Thread: Complain !

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    Complain !

    It's evident the system of assessments is failing on many counts. If you have been affected by DWP ineptitude or Mo's information by one of their officers I urge you to contact your MP and complain !!! Simply Google to find your local MP.
    If we don't bombard them with this information and the detrimental effect it is having on claimants then the whole stinking system will never change.

    You might think your complaint will be tossed aside, but if it is added to hundreds of others it becomes impossible to ignore.
    So, complain and help defend your rights and others like you !

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    If we don't complain then our MPs will never know what really is happening or if they do, they cannot deny it.
    Complain every time, also register a formal complaint with the DWP. Someone might just ask why so many people are complaining ?.

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    i hope your right
    i no longer care about the dwp ive told them i will appeal to the courts everytime.
    i dont give a monkeys if they give me NO points im not showing my hand till i get to court..
    by answering questions at interveiws your giving the dwp a chance to build a case against you..
    i ask more questions in the interveiw than the interorgator!! one of the questions they really hate is >>what are your medical qualifications?

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    A friend in a wheelchair I know, can't walk five yards, had Psychiatric nurse for her f2f !

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    If you deliberately withhold information the tribunal will NOT take kindly to that. It may not change the outcome of your tribunal, however I would say it's best not to wind them up.

    For all you know, if you give all the info you can, you might get the award you're happy with. Not all the assessors and decision makers are fraudulent(call it what you will, that's what it is).

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