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Thread: ESA50 Reassessment - Second Time in a Year

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    ESA50 Reassessment - Second Time in a Year

    Hi there, I have just sent in my second ESA50 in less than a year. I had a stroke three years ago which has affected me physically (principally due to weakness and pain in my right leg as well as general constant exhaustion) and mentally (severe issues with anxiety and depression). I am in ongoing treatment for these issues and receive a fair whack of medication for them. I have previously been in the Support Group for the past three years. With my ESA50, which goes into a lot of detail, as much as I could write, about how these issues affect my everyday life, I have enclosed a letter written by my CMHN from the last reassessment less than a year ago (she advised me to include it again as nothing has changed for me and we are simply carrying forward the treatment plan she detailed in this letter, as I have stated on the form), a recent letter from an Orthopaedics department (regarding the treatment and planned MRI scan for my stroke-affected right leg) and a new letter from my GP which lists my diagnoses, treatments, medications, very briefly outlines the mental health and physical impact I am under and declares me as "not fit for work". Obviously, I realise there is no real way of knowing whether all of this will be any use. My one concern is the Orthopaedics letter which I included as it goes into detail about my forthcoming MRI scan and suspected torn cartilage on my stroke-affected leg. However, it also states I have made a "reasonably good recovery" from my stroke and that the weakness in my right leg has "improved considerably". So, this is now eating away at me. Neither myself nor my GP feel I have made a "reasonably good recovery" from my stroke (GP letter very much implies this) and the weakness in my right leg has only "improved considerably" in as much as I can now stand and walk as opposed to immediately after my stroke when I could do neither. Although I can stand and walk, I am in tremendous constant pain, need a stick to mobilise any distance and generally feel as though my leg will give way under me at all times.

    Have I blown it by including this information or will it be outweighed by everything else I have included? Sorry, that is probably a "How long is a piece of string" question. I only just sent in the ESA50 yesterday and already it is constantly messing with my head and making my anxiety a hundred times worse. Thanks for any wisdom, this resource is much appreciated.

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    I wouldn't worry too much.

    If you have put it on your ESA50 in the same way as you have put it in your post then they should be able to see that a "reasonably good recovery", from not being able to stand to being able to stand and walk a few steps, is still not enough of a recovery to enable you to do work (or work related activities) yet.

    Yes it's a 'piece of string' question but it sounds like you will be OK.
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    Thanks for the advice. It's such a minefield, isn't it? The terminology medical people use doesn't help, and why should it? This isn't their job and the whole system is so clearly set up to fail you. "Don't send us any medical evidence you don't already have", despite the fact that you generally won't get medical reports unless you specifically ask for them. With my anxiety, I tend to home in on phrases I see on the various reports I send in. So, while I see "reasonably good recovery" with regards to the physical effects of my stroke, I also see "significantly worsened" with regards to my mental health issues on the GP letter. This really is an utterly depressing way to live. Does the DWP honestly think, in any vague way, that being forced to vomit up the worst extremes of my illnesses will somehow miraculously cure me?

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