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Thread: Co proxamol

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    After reading all this I am happy that I live in Scotland,
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    Co-proxamol is addictive so some of what your are experiencing may be withdrawal effects. It is little comfort I am sure but that will pass. Sadly any strong pain killer will have side effects. Tramacet was released as Co-proxamol was withdrawn and may be an option and there is another rarely used drug Meptazinol. Management of chronic pain starts with taking regular paracetamol which works alongside stronger drugs like Morphine. You were taking paracetamol in your Co-proxamol. So it would be sensible to start taking that at the maximum dose. It has few side effects and will be some help. But for anything else you need to see a doctor. . But this is an area where complementary therapies can be helpful. Reiki hypnotherapy and mindfulness can all be of use .It may well need a combined drug/ therapy approach. I hope this is helpful . As a pharmacists I know both the value and limitations of drugs. If I am reading your post correctly you have not been honest with your doctor about when and how you stopped co-proxamol. May I suggest you start by going back to see him and being honest. he cannot help you unless he accurate information. Good luck

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