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Thread: Fuel prices

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    Then they do not need to strike, just take legal action as truckers breaks are enshrined in law.
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    I support the strike but I think the government should abolish road tax and pay just tax on fuel then if you do 100 miles or 1,000miles we all pay for what we use and would be much better ,of coarse this is just my take on things.

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    Many have suggested that, but the problem is those with more money would pay more, & companies would pay more. So it has never been done.
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    Well with fuel the price it is I decided to take a driving lesson last week.

    The lesson cost £20 for the hour, and I must say was well worth it.

    The amount of bad habits i've picked up in the past 14 years is amazing, and after using the new techniques on a trip to London on the weekend, i've more than recouped the money I paid out.

    My usual trips to London would cost £72 return, this time only £51 in Diesel!

    I'm think I may even have a go at the Advanced Drivers course soon, and see if I can learn some more.
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    I think all drivers should have to go through official testing from time to time, to keep their licenses.
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