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Thread: What do you do when you cant get a dignosis

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    What do you do when you cant get a dignosis

    I'm new to this site, sorry if this message is a bit long winded. Ive been confirmed by a consultant that I am disabled and have everything I need set up. The one thing I want is a d:confused problem, loss of movement in my face and weak muscles. The list is growing and so are the medication. I would just like to be reassured that Im not the only struggling getting an answer. Please come and say hi

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    Hi everyone I would love a chat

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    Have you seen consultants?
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    hello bluebell,

    years ago i was put in an awful situation which if it hadn't been caught could of cost me my life.

    in my 20's i developed horrible upper right abdomen pain which included vomiting. basically i had every test under the sun apart from one crucial test, an ultra-sound.

    due to that they could not find anything going on, they then said it was all in my head and with this i under went what i can only call as unnecessary treatment for mental health. while under going this treatment, my health was slowly getting worse.

    it wasn't until i moved away from the area and got a new doctor that the problem was found. one morning i got up and found i couldn't move due to been stricken with pain, i managed to get straight in with my doctors who noticed that my upper abdomen was swollen and told me it was either the gall bladder or worse my liver. with this he sent me for a ulta-sound, the one test which my previous doctors failed to provide and within 5 minutes they found i had gall-bladder disease.

    when it came to remove the gall bladder, it was so bad that i had to have extensive surgery and the situation was so poor that they found the gall bladder had gone manky inside me.

    over the years i spent with this medical condition it was heart breaking for me, my own body was telling me there was something seriously wrong and yet i couldn't get a diagnoses.

    in respect i do feel for you and can only pray that you along with many others do get a diagnoses when put in these situations, my diagnoses saved my life.


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