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Thread: PIP and mobility

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    Blue badges are issued to an individual, many of whom do not drive themselves, have a car or any other from of transport.
    The badge is for the use of teh person and is not tied to any car like the disabled tax disc is.
    If a family have two cars, do they have to always go out in the car with the disabled tax disc? no, of course not. Also the fact that they are being driven round by a reletive/friend/taxi means they still need the disabled parking spaces or being able to park closer to the place they need to be.

    Of course, if they are not in the car i.e. they are not being dropped off/collected etc, the badge should not be used and be taken away....

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    I noticed this is a thread about mobility scooters so can you please support Shopmobility sheffield and sign there petition as sheffield council is reducing funding so the charity will have to close It has been in local media and on local news and BBC Radio. You dont have to be from sheffield to sign as they have people all over uk who uses the service Thanks in advance

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    The DWP have just released an FAQ on Personal Independence Payment (PIP) on their website. You can view or download this document

    Jim Allison
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    More bureaucratic bull sh*t to wade through . All nicey picey worded i would have a tad more than the zero respect i have for anyone whatsover involved in this travesty of human rights if they just came clean and said .

    " We intend to cut the numbers of DLA claimants by 20 percent so we can award ourselves a big fat pay rise as fiddling our expenses is now no longer possible "

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    Thanks Jim, that has answered a query for me and I know someone on here was asking the same question a short while ago.

    I will be 63 when PIP comes in and will probably be over 65 when they get round to inviting me to change from DLA to PIP. It appears that even if I am 65 when my turn comes to be changed over I will be included as it is age on changeover date that is the trigger.

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    I did some research on the internet a while ago on PIP. I personally don't think I will get PIP and lose DLA too. PIP will be more strict.

    I am on DLA lower rate for Mobility/Care for life. But If/when I'm called up, I will be more than happy to go to PIP medical face to face assessment, as I have got nothing to hide.

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    i wonder how many may now qualify under new descriptors?

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