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Thread: How Low Would Atos/Government Go

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    How Low Would Atos/Government Go

    I'm sure you have read in the news papers/TV about the government being able to spy on us using emails,internet, mobile phones ect, we have nothing to fear as it is only going to be used against terrorists and crime, think again crime = fraud what's to stop Atos monitoring your internet actives three weeks before they ask you to attend a medical.
    Q. Mr A, how long can you sit for
    A. about 30 mintues
    Q. how comes you sat at your computer for two hours on date.....
    This is OK if you have a partner/kids, but if you live on your own........, like I do it could spell trouble, and I think they would use it to trap you.

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    Getting more like "big brother" every day.
    We will have no privacy at all.

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    ATOS monitoring our internet ?

    Yeah right...
    I am a proud British European!

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    Goodness, that is something I had not thought about. That is the sneaky kind of thing they would do though.

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    They should monitor their own MP's first, after all they are used to scandal and forgery.

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    It could be done as it is the good old trustworthy (!) Home Secretary who has the power to allow it.

    They may not consider the breaks we take. if I send an email now & one in 2 minutes, I may not have composed them now, I may have drafted, or used Word & C&Ped them. May is in fact a fact as that is what I often do.
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    Where there a will there's a way, tablet PC laying in bed sorted

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    Verbal interface, visual interface. Damn, I have just said how I could work now, lol! OMG, what if I am dictating to the PC & someone walks by saying they need a pee?
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    i turn my laptop on when i get up in morning and it stays on til i go to bed, whether i'm sat using it or not....

    i can't believe how far this control over people is going, what's next, glass houses and tag us all? we aren't supposed to smoke, drink, eat food that is 'bad for us', they tried to ban christmas and make us celebrate the holiday season instead, i remember a time when cars didn't have seatbelts, crash helmets on bikes were a matter of choice, people enjoyed a pint and a smoke after work, we had fish and chips on a friday, oh and if a doctor/hospital said you were ill and unfit for work there wasn't a non medically trained nobody at a computer telling you different....

    another big brother thing thats going on at the minute, this digital help scheme run by BBC for disabled and elderly.... i kept getting reminders from them so in end decided to go for freesat..... looked at back of letter.... stated they had checked that i had a current tv licence and that they been in touch with DWP and other departments to check my eligibility.... now they must have done that for the whole country as i didn't apply for it....

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    They will still have to prove we use it all the time, or more than we should based on our disabilities, or maybe I should say: what we have said to them about our disabilities.
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