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Thread: How Low Would Atos/Government Go

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    The Internet is mobile, so monitoring someone's internet usage does not prove they were sitting...

    I know people who can't afford the full price of the Internet, so they share the cost with their neighbour, place the Wi-Fi router next to the deviding wall so both can use it....

    So if their in Hospital, Atos would be monitoring their neighbour...

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    It is all very well the government coming up with something like this but it could have some very serious implications.

    Like many campaigns over the years, many of these have had serious knock on affects with businesses, if people are aware they are to be monitored then it could result in a large drop off with people in the UK using the internet and also using computers and phones in general.

    i could honestly see many more businesses going to the wall.

    just one example of this was the introduction of no smoking resulting in pubs, clubs, cafes, hotels etc going bust.

    then again this government is very good at creating unemployment.

    the only way now is when it comes to any elections is to not vote for the big parties but to vote for alternatives, it is called giving these people a taste of their own medicine.


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    IP addresses on broadband are not fixed and your IP address will or should change every time you sign on to the internet

    So if now your current IP address is the next time you sign on It could be

    ( the ip addresses shown are simply random numbers and should this be anyones current ip address it is purely coincidetal nothing more )

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    I think how it would work, & this is just a guess, that under the law, if this was used for investigations into any benefit claim it would be specific. It would look into personal accounts, email accounts, Messenger accounts, etc. It would not be use of PC itself.
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    not sure how it would work for many households where the connection is shared, if the dwp did question the usage then it would be a case of telling them the connection is shared, just a quick work around.

    one thing i did see is that they are going to set something up with the internet servers to allow the monitoring, still feel that there could be a large fall off.

    for what this is worth it is no better than tagging, if they could then we would all end up with built in transmitters and if we are naughty then they could just zap us.


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    Well, a judge is suppose to have to issue a warrant to allow it, so we have to hope that commonsense prevails.
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