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Thread: Just got a letter from ESA, what does limited capability for work mean?

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    Seems so strange as why am I in the Work-Related Activity Group as I was just looking over the letter again and why does it have a tick in the Support Group and no tick in the Work related activity group??? and why does it it say your case is due to come up for review on the 5/9/12 but why does it say at the top of the letter "limited Capability for work and limited capability work work related activity" at the top of all the letters??? Wish I could figure out what group I am in?
    wait till they pay you see whats thats for

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    It means your have been accepted as having health problems that make you currently unfit for work. BUT, you will be asked to attend work focused interviews at the Job center with a view to seeing if your health has improved so that you can do some work with the assistance of the Job Center.
    hi,wonder if you could help me understand my letter? on it it says meets citeria for limited capability for work,however goes on to say in prognosis,that the person who looked at my case(have not been to any interview,s etc)advises that a return to work is unlikely in the long term,recieved this after i put in appeal for being put in work related group,seems a strange one to me.

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