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Thread: MR DECISION MADE. Laugh or cry?

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    MR DECISION MADE. Laugh or cry?

    So requested a Mr. Phoned today I don't know what to say, A) happy it over B) very unhappy with out come. Awarded srm. £21.80pw.I'm not an ungrateful person but realistically what can that afford. Was expecting at the least lower rate for care and mobility as so I could afford a mobility scooter. I'm now waiting official letter as was told over phone. So original care score was 6. Original mobility 4. Tbh I do appreciate the award however I've already decided to appeal, would rather fight and lose 21.80 than sit back and accept this decision. K
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    Hi all so as you see only standard mobility awarded, when I was hoping for both. Anyway so now I will appeal. My question is how can I provide evidence for daily living. My husband does all cooking, and helps me with (personal care) as well as monitoring my meds. I have a very bad short term memory and I forget my meds, in past have overdosed as I take my meds but ten mins later I take again. So he gave me a diary to keep track. However one of my meds is extremely important and if I forget that (I have be for on many occasions) it could be fatal. How or what type of evidence is needed in an appeal setting. Thanks. K

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    The strongest evidence will be from you/ anyone involved in your care with explained examples of how you have difficulty preparing a meal and managing meds. Best thing to do is consult an advice agency for advice on /representation with a potential appear

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    Ask your GP/consultant for a letter outlining your problems, and send it along with your appeal letter.

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    I think it is about time that you got some support from the professionals. Have you explored the possibility of working with CAB or a welfare adviser? Have you looked up your specific conditions and seen if there are any supporting websites?

    It is extremely difficult for a forum to give you really useful information about your appeal. We don't know you, nor have we seen your supporting evidence. You need to see someone face to face who can go through the statement of reasons and write out your appeal backing any statements up with supporting evidence.

    From your previous posts you seem to have medical evidence going back years and years. Usually no medical evidence is looked at that is over two years old. This might mean that your medical evidence needs sorting out so that only recent and relevant evidence is sent. CAB would be able to help you with this and advise if you need more recent evidence/evidence of what treatment/medication can/cannot be given.

    From what you have said your appeal needs a specialist to look at everything. i.e to sort the wood from the trees.

    Please, please get some help with this. You are going round in circles, putting yourself under great anxiety and stress. You have become so personally involved in this that you are not viewing this logically. Understandable but why you need that third person.

    For instance, your medication could be put into daily dosette boxes - think this is what they are called - (some chemists will do this for you) thus alleviating the possibility of forgetting or taking incorrectly. It is expected that such an option is used even when it isn't.

    Please don't think I am being unsympathetic, I'm not. Just get some professional help and let them support you so your appeal gives you the maximum chance of success.

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    Remember also that just having someone do certain things means nothing to DWP. The evidence they want to see is that which supports why you can't do things, not evidence that someone else does do them. So, for instance, you need to explain in what ways your condition makes preparing food difficult, and that needs to be consistent with the expected difficulties for someone who has that condition.
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    Hi I'm sorry I thought this forum was for benefit help and advice. I have a GPS letter which I paid for, unfortunately it doesn't outline in detail my care issues. As for CAB I have tried to get appt they said they are in process of training and cannot make appts at present. I went today and it was shut due to staffing issues. As for my medical evidence, my problems are long term and therefore I do not have any up to date information/appt etc. My blood issues limited drastically my chances of surgery as it could leave me paralyzed,, or I could bleed out. There is nothing that can be done medically so I'm left with scrappy pain meds that no longer work and cannot have anything stronger as my blood meds won't work and I will clot. My problems are therefore untreatable therefore I don't see anyone . I've had as much done as poss when I last saw a consultant he basically said "just wait for wheelchair". I would love help but cannot access any. Do I go back to gp and pay another £25 for a different letter? Also will I get the award debited and back pay I'm owed regardless of appeal, or will it be withheld?. These will be my last questions I'm clearly getting on some nerves, I just wanted help and advice on benefits I've never been through the system. Thanks to all that have offered support. K
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    Have you done a search for welfare rights that some councils offer? Or loook have you looked for condition specific I support groups well versed with your type of appeal.

    You are confusing our desire to help you by getting the help out there in the real world we know to be there and available, with us trying to pawn you off which is not the case.

    With a case as complex as yours you need representation and pmindyloo detailed why perfectly.

    If you were to pick between an amateur firefighter and a fullltime career firefighter, I'm sure you'd choose the later. Don't let yourself be sold short.

    All the best


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    Sorry to hear your situation.

    Unfortunately I have been in a similar situation regarding my problems in the fact that after having them for so long and not reacting well with any meds or therapy I was kinda forgotten about, plus not having support meant I would miss sessions, prescriptions etc. So on paper it could look like I've done nothing for a year or two, which to the DWP will very much look like I'm bs'ing, even though the state of the NHS is diabolical and even more so with the MH side.

    My advice would be to get your Dr to redo that letter for free of charge, also get your local MP involved, just find out who they are and email them, I did that and it helped me massively.
    I would take the descriptors to your Dr and ask him to write down if in his/her medical experience your such illness would impact any of them. Then you need evidence from your support network that can support that.

    My Dr gave me my letter free of charge though because even she said, It's not really physically possible for her to support my issues with eating for instance, she's never seen me eat, and why would she. But she can correlate my MH issues with the impact on my eating - which is then further bolstered by the evidence from the support network.

    TBH my letter from my doc was awful, it just said my condition and that she believes my friends and family care for me when needed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KIMHEIDI View Post
    Hi I'm sorry I thought this forum was for benefit help and advice.
    It is, but the help that can be given is limited as most of us are unqualified volunteers and can only speak from our experiences. These days much of the process of awarding a benefit is personal and dependent on your exact circumstances, which we don't know enough about to comment. Almost all of us are sick or disabled ourselves which is why sometimes people lose patience - people are trying to help, but seeing the same things posted repeatedly makes it hard to deal with - there's a limit to how much we can help and when that's not enough it's time to see the professionals who can go through your case in depth and give you the help you need.

    because I have a GPS letter which I paid for, unfortunately it doesn't outline in detail my care issues.
    GPs aren't expected to give insight into your ability to deal with daily living because they cannot see you doing the things the DWP wants to know about. What their input is for is simply to confirm medically that you have the conditions you are claiming for and provide details of medications/treatments used and so on.

    Also will I get the award debited and back pay I'm owed regardless of appeal, or will it be withheld?.
    If your appeal fails your original award will stand unless the tribunal judges decide to remove points (which is possible)

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