I applied for ESA National Insurance Credits that will boost my state pension which I'm due to get in 2021.

I've never applied for ESA before as I'd worked out I wasn't eligible for financial help from the state.

However my 'far away' Universal State Pension would be £20 a week short through not having enough NI Contributions.

Anyway I applied and was sent a Work Capability Assessment Questionnaire to fill out. My left hand was my writing hand - it no longer works so filling out a paper questionnaire isn't going to happen!

I'm a two finger typist with my right hand so I filled in a digital ESA50 form and mailed it off with a day in hand.

I got a letter back almost immediately saying my application had been turned down and they wanted me to attend a medical assessment.

Now that the festivities have finished I decided to enquire if and when I need to attend an examination. To my surprise they said I don't need to attend a medical and that I've been placed in the support group with no Drs note needed for three years.

A result! Glad that common sense rules!