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Thread: Partners SSP due to end, what now?

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    Partners SSP due to end, what now?

    Hi I posted before but didn't get a clear answer and as the date is creeping up for my partners SSP due to end thought i'd try and get a little advice.

    We currently get

    £88.45 SSP per week
    £27.50 WTC per week
    £55.10 PIP (My claim due to me having Parkinsons)
    £62.10 CA (Partner Claims for me)
    Max Rent/CT paid.
    10k Savings.

    Her SSP is due to run out the 22nd July which in turn means WTC ends also.

    I have done a turn2us calculation and says for us to claim IS and we would be entitled to £117.30 (£16 lower due to 10k savings) so we will be getting practically what we were whilst claiming SSP/WTC... Sucks to be a saver huh?

    It also says "You may be eligible to claim Employment and Support Allowance instead of Income Support however we have calculated that the payable amount is greater for Income Support" so guessing my partner claiming IS for us is the route to go instead of me making a ESA claim?

    Also my partner will be still classed as employed but not getting any money will that have any affect on us making an IS claim? (She hasn't had her SSP1 yet)

    And does she need to declare her SSP has ended? As the claim is made on the basis of her in receipt of CA?

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    Sorry whats WTC? ESA is replacing IS anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by reddivine View Post
    Sorry whats WTC? ESA is replacing IS anyway.
    WTC =Working Tax Credit

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    When an employers responsibility to pay SSP runs out (after 28 weeks) they have to issue the employee with form SSP1 which the employee then sends, with their fit-note, to the DWP who then pay the SSP.
    (They should actually give you the SSP1 after 23 weeks so that there is plenty of time to contact the DWP).

    This would usually also trigger the process for starting a new ESA claim.

    However in your case I would trust the turn2us calculator if it says you would be better off claiming IS.
    Most people are told to claim ESA because they would not qualify for IS in these circumstances, I believe that in your case it would have to be your claim for IS and not your partners (you can claim IS because of your PIP).

    For a double check you could try running your details through the entitledto calculator as well to see what that one says:

    And then I would make an appointment with CAB or a similar welfare organisation who can see all your paperwork and do a 'full benefits check'.
    This would let you know which of you should be claiming which benefit to maximise your income.

    You should remember also that if she were to claim ESA (or Universal Credit) in July and get awarded WRAG group (UC LCW) then this would be at the new reduced rate: £30 a week less than a claim made before the end of March.
    (I'm not sure if the turn2us calculator has already taken this into account?, it would depend on if it asked you what date you were going to claim ESA from).

    So although you would seem to have until 22 July I suggest you get in touch with CAB ASAP and try to sort out your options before the end of March.
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    I disagree with Nukecad, sorry.

    You cannot claim Income Support. You would have to claim ESA. Your wife could claim Income Support as your carer and add you to her claim.

    The problem is whether your wife will be returning to work or not. If she does then she would not be able to claim CA or IS because presumably since she was receiving WTC she works over 16 hrs.

    This is definitely a case for a full benefits check from CAB or a welfare advisor with the information about her returning to work or not.

    Sometimes being on IS is the right way to go when someone receives CA but if one of you is awarded the ESA support group then it may be financially better to be on ESA.

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    Thanks for the reply's I made a typo on the date in meant January 22nd "Doh!" it was early hours so that's my excuse .

    So we have 2 weeks it doesn't look like she will be back in work before the SSP runs out and has a welfare meeting at work in a weeks time.

    @pmlindyloo yeah that's what I thought that my partner has to make the IS claim on the basis of her getting CA and add me and she'll get added premiums for my disabilty.

    From what I have gather from researching (google) I think the ESA route is only better off if I get put in the support group but we'd be worse off in the first 13 weeks as we would only get the assesment rate, and if my partner does claim IS for me/her I won't get my NI stamp paid.

    I only have a few questions that I need help with.

    Would we need the SSP1 form to make the IS claim since we are not making the claim on the basis of her being sick but on the basis that she is in reciept of CA that she gets for caring for me?

    And if she continues to stay with the company as in keep her on the books with an option to return in the future but not earn a wage, will that affect the IS claim in any way? (ofc if she was to return to work in the future we'd inform CA,IS)

    Or would she be better off cutting ties with company at the end of her SSP (28 weeks) to make the claim?

    Or would I be better being slightly worse off and open an ESA claim and claim for me and my partner (Can get Fit notes as my doctor has said she'd be willing) as an easier option plus I'd get my stamp paid, the downside to that is I'd have to go through another medical where as if we claim IS I won't I may get pulled in the Jobcentre but ofc I am unable to work.

    Not sure if I'd be able to get an appointment before 22nd Jan and my closest CAB is 5/10 miles away I could always try and make an appointment, is there anywhere I could ring to get support?

    The benefits system can be so bloody confusing.

    Thanks Trev.

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    Hello Trev, have a look at this link to contact your nearest CAB:

    As the others have said above, talk to a qualified Benefit Adviser before you do anything. I would advise against choosing Income Support over ESA before you get some advice.

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    Do you ring a call center and book an appointment at the local CAB office?

    Also if I can't get an appointment till after the 22nd Jan wouldn't I be better off putting a claim in for something as we'll end up missing out on some kind of benefit?


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    Hiya Trev,
    You'll be talking to real people, you won't miss out as long as you get the 'fit notes' but be sure to talk to an adviser before you make your move.

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    Something to keep in mind is if you do choose the Income Support route over ESA, is that you can both be required to attend WFI's. It's also quite possible that you may also be required to participate in Work Related Activties, as many people who receive DLA/PIP work, though they would need to provide any 'necessary adjustments' to accommodate your condition.

    So tread carefully & all the best with it.

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