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Thread: Partners SSP due to end, what now?

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    @Jard Thanks for the replys,

    That would be a real pain for me as I can't fully use my right arm/hand due to dystonia off the Parkinson's so unable to write etc as I am right handed... Which ofc inturn makes me feel socially awkward.

    I got some help on another forum from some that deals with benefits enquires and this is how the differences of benefits.

    ================================================== ========================

    Income Support Route
    CA £62.10
    IS 114.85, Disability Premium £45.95, Carer Premium £34.60 = £195.40

    subtract the CA from the IS
    your IS total is = £133.30

    Or ESA route:
    You could claim ESA now (SSP will be deducted)
    ESA = (114.85 + 34.60) - 62.10 = £87.35 initially,

    After assessment, if you pass, from the 14th week (from when payments began), which in your case will be from the beginning of the 15th week of the claim

    If you get WRAG
    ESA = £87.35 + 29.05 = £116.40

    If you get Support Group
    ESA = £87.35 + 36.20 + 22.60 = £146.15

    So you can see that Income Support is the better option in the short term, it also beats WRAG rate ESA, and even if you got Support Group ESA you would have lost out on 13 weeks the difference between IS and ESA basic
    = £133.30 - £87.35 = £597.35

    which at the difference between ESA SG and IS
    146.15 - 133.30 = 12.85
    597.35 /12.85 = 46.48 (i.e. it would be 46.5 weeks +13 weeks = 59 weeks of claiming ESA SG before you would start to be better off.

    ================================================== ========================

    So as you can see the first 13 weeks if we were to claim ESA instead of IS we'll have to take a short fall of £45.95 pw then dependent on if I get in the WRAG or SG we'd either have a shortfall of £16.90 pw or increase £12.85 pw.

    Of course the savings will come in to play (10k) they will be minus £16 to whatever we claim.

    If I was to claim ESA instead do they pull you/partner in for interviews/WRI/WRA still?

    If not maybes taking the ESA route is for the best, I know we could end up missing out on extra benefits but the stress of added interviews isn't really worth it.

    I guess CAB will tell me the same outcomes on what I have posted?

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    Hello Trev,
    Ultimately the decision is yours, all we can do here is advise - based on the benefit of our own experiences in the benefits system - but, in addition to what I've already said, there are some things I do know for sure which are:

    1) You cannot rely on any benefit calculation you get over the internet, you must seek the help of a qualified benefit adviser for that.

    2) Anyone claiming Income Support will be required to move onto Universal Credit in the near future, with everything that entails (for both of you).

    3) No one other than those in the Support Group of ESA or Single Parents of a child under 5yrs are not required to attend WFI's, everyone else receiving a 'Income Replacement Benefit' is.

    The choice is yours, and the best of luck with it.

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    Well I called the number 03444 111 444 that is on this page to try and make an appointment for my local CAB and he asked what it was for I explained for a full benefits check and he directed me to ring turn2us on 08008022000... Which is the website I used in the original check and guess they'll come up with the same calculation as me?

    So I gave the "0300 323 1000 - To cancel or rearrange appointments" and asked how to make an appointment for my local CAB she said you can drop in at opening time and they should make an appointment for the same day or another day... Is this normal procedure?

    Also what will CAB advise if we'd get more benefit from IS? Will they explain about interviews etc?

    Also i've been reading about the WRAG group getting a reduction of £29.05 a week that aligns with the Jobseeker’s Allowance the rate of £73.10 a week (reduction of 28% per week) which will apply to new ESA and Universal Credit claimants from April 2017 which nukecad touched on guessing that could affect us further down the line if I wasn't to get in the Support group.

    Is they any planned cuts for IS now or in the future?

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    Confused can anyone help?

    We made the claim for IS on the 23/01/2017 I rang the IS claim line up today and found out that they have based the claim on us in receipt of SSP! (The Carers Premium and Disability Premium has been added).

    She said she wasn't sure how it had been worked out but she seems to think that because we got paid 4 weeks in arrears from work (The last payment was on 30/1/2017 for the dates 26/12/2016 till 22/12/2016 at £353.80) that it's classed as being in receipt of SSP still till we get paid £0 on the 27/2/2017.

    That can't be right?

    Also a problem being is my partner won't get any more wage slips as she isn't due to any pay so how could we prove it's ended if they are not using the SSP1 form?

    Anyways we resent the SSP1 to Doncaster Income Support new claims for them to re look at it via our local Jobcentre... We did send it with the original claim when we went to the local Jobcentre for the WFI and to provide Identity but seems they ain't sent it/used it?

    Thanks Trev.
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