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Thread: What to do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by suffolkbobby View Post
    I called the JC and explained that as there was too much fortnight at the end of my money(appointment Wednesday.....payday Thursday) I did not have the money for the train fare, a very understanding lady rescheduled for a Friday on a pay week.

    I'm managing to maintain the home to an acceptable standard on the current income, we eat healthily and stay warm but being confined to the home I'm still bored to tears, to add insult to injury, I had to decline a school driving job offering money for old rope and a chance to get out on a run I used to do, I had to decline as I could not afford the fuel to drive to the vehicle's base and back twice a day... and even if I could, knowing the vehicle of old, albeit a small one in comparison to my usual mounts, I would be unable to climb into the cab.
    I've got to find something soon or risk losing my sanity.

    I have just gone back to work doing a school run twice a day after being on ESA for nearly 2 years and latterly in the support group but i guess i am lucky as in my contract we get to take the vehicle home with us.
    Like you I do struggle to get into the minibus but it all makes it worthwhile when you get out of the home and start receive the wages and have the self worth once again.
    New company are even looking for an automatic for me to use.

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    Suffolkbobby, I do sympathise with you after reading your post. Like yourself I had similar health problems as you have & in my situation the DVLA revoked my HGV/PSV entitlements & now they are debating about my normal D/L.
    Also wagon & bus driving all my adult life too.

    Annoying thing was having to exist on £85 (then) pw. My rent was £82 pw !! & taking ages to get any help with housing costs. So all my savings didn't last long.
    I found that trying to understand how & what I could claim a real nightmare in itself & how every question was difficult to find the right answer too, if only I had known about this forum then.

    I'm sorry that I cannot offer you any advice but there are many members here who are highly knowledgeable & very helpful too, I can only offer you my best wishes & hope things get better for you soon.
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    It's been a while since I added to this post so here is an update.

    I'm no longer on ESA as I am apparently fit for work, not in my usual field but according to the letter, I can do other things with the aid of a wheelchair! this is explained in another thread ESA-declined
    A helpful friend who drives wagon & drag abroad is pestering me to go with him, he says with the aid of a sharp stick and a rope he could get me into the cab and it would "get me out"!
    I think there may be other motives to this offer such as the convenience of my Tachograph card, LGV licence and Driver CPC allowing him a quicker turnaround. For the moment my lack of a passport is my reason for declining but as time drags on, were it not for the fact that he snores worse than my wife, I will admit to being sorely tempted.
    Were I to take up this offer I'm sure I'd be in trouble when requiring a toilet stop, (them cabs are skyscrapers) and I cannot see the government helping to renew my Digi Tacho card, or pay to put me through the 35 hours of driver training required for me to retain entitlement.
    Until then I am still looking for something that I can do comfortably and without pain.
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    A helpful friend who drives wagon & drag abroad
    Transvestite truck driver?

    Sorry, I'm in a funny mood today.

    I used to do design work on tipper trucks and the like so know what you mean about climbing into and out of tractor unit cabs, you need mountaineering gear for some of them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nukecad View Post
    Transvestite truck driver?
    I'll tell him you said that...he'd make Divine look attractive.

    Last day of the heart rehabilitation classes today, no more weights, stretches and moving to the girl in the shell suit wiggling her bum to "I'm sexy and I know it...(my fantasy)
    Back to thumb twiddling.

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