Hi, I've not posted here for a while but felt like a rant after the amount of cold calls I've had since I received my state pension just last November. Don't know where they get my ex directory land line from and same on the mobile. Always had them but now it's like they have a list and know who is getting a pension and who isn't cos all the calls lately are about things they want me to have that you can get when you're a pensioner. I know me and my husband are not entitled to freebies cos we're over the financial limit (just) but the calls still come. Last one was asking if I was on ESA before I retired, I said yes, in the support group and then the woman said we would be entitled to a free central heating boiler if ours was over 4 years old. Well, it's over 10 years old so I was actually interested. She said that if I had been on ESA in the support group during the past 18 months (which I had) we would qualify but she had to have details from the original letter saying I was in the support group. I told her I didn't have it but surely they could get proof or I could and could contact them again, but she said no, it had to be today. I thought that sounded dodgy to be honest and wouldn't have given her certain details as I'd never heard of the company she was working for (can't remember it now). I reckon they are just trying to get details from you and then con you somehow. I didn't accept the offer of the boiler as she said she couldn't do it without that letter and that it had to be now, why TODAY???? Crazy. Even had a call from someone saying he was from Age UK and that he knew I had some debts, which I don't. I told Age UK about this and they were grateful for the info. It just drives me mad and most times you can't ring back and the number is withheld. Wish it would stop, the calls get me down but don't want to change my number. My phone providers are EE and they said there isn't much I can do except go ex directory but I already am. Rant over, lol.