Hi Everyone

Hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

My partner and I claim ESA as a couple. He has sole custody of his three lovely girls and I moved in with them last year and we starting claiming as a couple rather than separate ESA. We were both support group, but last June I begain doing permitted work from home for £100 a week.

I recently was switched to the WRAG group as I am doing permitted work so they therefore say I am capable of doing WRAG - fair enough.

I was also recently awarded PIP daily living and my partner began to claim carers allowance.

We also get full housing and council tax and he gets child benefit and child tax credits.

Anyway, I just want to know what might happen if I was to take on more hours. After many treatments and medication changes I am finally feeling good again and I want to do more work. If I take on just one hour more a week I will lose my permitted work allowance.

I'd like to increase to 16 hours. I know between 16-24 hours I will be eligible for the disability working tax credit. We would lose ESA. I am wondering if he can claim income support and carers though?

Also, will we lose housing and council tax if I work 16 hours a week from home at 12.50 an hour?

The whole system is so confusing. I did the calculators and it sort of seems like I am better off not taking on more hours and staying on ESA and permitted work but I really want to aim to go back to work.

Thanks for any advice in advance.