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Thread: No ESA payment since 23rd December

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    No ESA payment since 23rd December

    I also posted something else on this forum but it's disappeared or not been posted at all...I'm desperate to know if this is just me or has happened to anyone rlse

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    It will probably have gone for 'moderation' and will turn up once it is approved by a moderator.

    This is done by automatic software that may pick up on certain words used, or may just pick one or two posts at random.
    Most forums use software like this, some moderate more posts than others.

    It can be annoying when it happens to your post.
    But it is done for security reasons and is just something we have to put up with.

    On the plus side it means that we hardly see any spam posts here, on the minus side it means you sometimes have to wait a bit longer for an answer.

    Hopefully your post will be approved soon, it depends on how quickly a moderator can get to it, which depends on how many posts there are in the moderation queue.

    EDIT- Looks like it has already turned up:
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