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Thread: ESA50-To mention DLA award or not!

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    ESA50-To mention DLA award or not!

    Hi All, I am writing not just on behalf of myself but on behalf of a number of people who have asked my opinion and although I have read differing accounts on 2 or 3 other similiar websites, I am interested on other members views.

    As members who have been following the ESA/WCA and Welfare Reform Bill/Act, there have been many changes since all of this began. From reading early queries on a number of forums, applicants and those on IB going through migration, many people were either frightened or advised not to mention their DLA award on ESA50 for fear that if they were found 'fit for work' or even placed in 'WRAG' group that this could then bring into question their DLA award.

    Now, we all probably know that even if DLA awards were not mentioned on ESA50, that those who have the job of making a decision on our behalf with the flick of a pen, in all likelihood have access to this information and they could easily find this out if they so desired.

    However, over the past months, things that were said at the outset in 2008 onwards have changed, and again these are confirmed in newer forum posts. In that, apart from giving as much information as possible as to how illnesses/disabilities affect and impact on your life, that those who are going through this experience, had earnt that had they mentioned DLA award on ESA50 or at medical that they may well have had a different decision, which could mean the difference between being 'found fit work' and the 'WRAG' or the 'WRAG' and 'SG'.

    Indeed, there seems to be a number of appeals that have said that if all information had been to hand at ESA50 stage/medical, that information being notification of DLA award that they would have been no reason for the appeal. (Don't get me wrong, I am not by any stretch of the imagination looking through rose coloured glasses).

    So the question is, Is it advisable to mention any award of DLA and the reasons why it has been awarded on ESA50/medical stage, or is it advisable not mentioning this fact?

    I would like to know if anybody responding to this post would advise to mention the fact of any DLA award on ESA50, and if so why and also, if anybody would advise not to mention this fact and again reasons why?

    Many thanks for your views on this aspect.


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    I wouldn't imagine it would make any difference either way.

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    I think you have to bear in mind what level of DLA you get and decide accordingly. For example saying if you get low rate care and/or high rate mobility would be unlikely to make any difference, whereas in some cases low rate mobility might. Overall though I tend to agree with Hera, but copies of any medical reports shouldn't do any harm.
    Always remember though that with medical/doctors' reports what they DON'T say can be damaging - and remember that many people who get DLA do have jobs.

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    You can work and get DLA - it's not means tested. I got both mobility and care during 25 years of work. You'd be surprised if a profoundly disabled person is very academic they can still work with a support worker.

    Remember anything you put on the ESA50 form may be taken into consideration when they look into changing from DLA to PIP. Check out PIP criteria before filling out the form would be my advise.

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    Saying what you get cannot hurt, not saying may. When it comes to ESA it is the reasons why someone thinks they should not be in the WRAG group. It is proving that which is the issue. Getting DLA does not prove it, getting DLA may help, though I doubt it. Not getting DLA would be worse though, lol. It is all subjective when it comes to ESA. Reading what people have been through here I think DMs toss a coin sometimes, I really do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by davewhit View Post
    steven hawkings !!!!!!!!!!!

    having just looked at the two forms if you get higher rate mobility then that might just might help .... but the rest is IMO so different

    that said people have been getting dla had esa medical and ended up being reviewed for dla because of what came up in the medical report
    To be honest I think in most cases the low rate mobility could be more help in support of an ESA claim. High rate mobility is usually awarded to people who have a physical difficulty getting around. That doesn't necessarily impair their ability to do a job.
    Low rate mobility however covers people who need quidance and support. For example due to things like mental heath issues - agoraphobia - social issues - epilepsy - all conditions which could seriously affect their ability to work.

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