I've just found these forums and wondered if anyone could help.
I am due to recieve some inheritance of around £28k. My partner claims ESA income related. I recieve CTC, CB, Carers, also DLA for my 12 yr old son. I have 3 other children 16 and under.
I understand that the ESA will stop but will they close the claim and we will need to re claim when our capital reaches under 16k? Or does the claim stay in the background until we need it?

Does anyone know what is classed as deprivation of capital the exact rules?
I am in need of a car. My son (who receives dla) goes to school 40 miles ish away and I often need to get to him or school meetings as he is in a specialist school. Would this be classed as deprivation of capital?

I am going to make an appointment with citizens advice but it will take weeks to get an appointment. So wanted a rough idea if possible.

Thanks all.