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Thread: adult a.d.h.d & autistic spectrum pip success rate x

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    adult a.d.h.d & autistic spectrum pip success rate x

    Hi everyone,
    I know I have posted up on here about my 21yr old son and his pip form but there is one thing we really need to know.
    What is the success rate of a adult with a.d.h.d and autistic spectrum disorder ?
    From what I have been reading the success rate is very low even though he is moving over from d.l.a to pip.
    I have told him we may have to appeal and that hasn't gone down too well.
    So has any other adults have these problems and what was your outcome ?
    Many thanks x

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    The person I live with has Autistic Spectrum Disorder and a few other disorders .He is in supported living with a personal budget and his social worker filled in the forms and he still had to go to appeal.

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    Last year I went through the appeal and it is very draining. I went from 0 points, to 12 points. The main thing is getting some good evidence to show them, which includes doctors notes and appeals and also what you write personally. It took me 7-8 months from start to end.

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    Thank you for your comments.

    Runnah - I sent with his form

    letter from Adult Mental Health saying how his conditions effect him and how he relies heavily on others especially when going out
    letter from Adult Mental Health about his first visit with them transitioning from CAMHS.
    letter with pathway and diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum from CAMHS
    All above letters state his diagnosis of ADHD, Autistic Spectrum Disorder and Anxiety.
    I also sent a letter from his tutor and how he needs support college amd how they see his changes daily.
    I also sent a prescription list of his two medications he takes. One in the morning and one as a top-up in the afternoon.
    I also sent a letter from myself as his carer and as his mother.
    My daughter also wrote a letter on how his conditions are and how they effect her.

    Many thanks x

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    Hi - Don't take this too harsh, but I see some of the information that you have provided as irrelevant to his case, I fell into the same hole when I sent in lots of irrelevant information. After going though the initial applicaton, then MR and getting the same decision, things changed at the appeal and I believe that to be a few sentences from the doctor.

    I had diagnosis letters, letters from parents, letters from other proffesionals and so on, but it didn't make a difference at the application too.

    I believe you need to focus on what is said in specific questions on the application and more about the quality of reply, rather than quantity. Be typical to answering the questions too.

    Communication - "I struggle with communication and feel anxious when speaking to others and would need to be prompted to speak to others. I would often become flustered when speaking to others"

    Travelling - "I feel very anxious when travelling and need support from others. I can not take public transport on my own and would become upset at travelling alone. I often rely on others to travel"

    Basically, I feel you need to focus on what he says, not what you say. A doctors letter just with a few sentences (mine was like 15 words & signature) outling the problems and correctly answering the questions with buzzwords or is clear there are problems will become evident at the appeal. It took a lot of time for me to finally get it right, but I am glad I did.

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    Hi Runnah,
    thanks for your reply.
    I had to fill the form in for him but wrote it as though it was him doing it (i did write in there though that i had completed it for him) as he didn't understand it and I am also his appointee.
    I did put about not being able to travel out on his own especially on public transport and that he has to get a taxi to and from college.
    I did put in about him not preparing a meal or cooking a meal and that he has tried a few times and walked off whilst the cooker was on.
    I also said about not being able to communicate with others as he struggles starting and maintaining conversation and that he also loses concentration when a conversation is taking place. I also put that he can't read people's emotions and how to deal with it.
    He also has trouble understanding the written word. He can read words but struggles in understanding what they are all meaning when they are in a sentence. That's where I am hoping that the college letter will support him as they say in it that he needs a visual helper for reading.
    I am also hoping that one of the other letters supports him not going out. I said on the form and they have put it in the letter that he relies heavily on others.

    many thanks x

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    The problem you have is that some information that you put in the application can be seen differently when you put in another sentence. Like him getting a taxi, he still has to interact with someone new and unfamilar. If I was you, I would start again on answering the questions again & at appeal , let him speak more and they will see that he has problems.

    I don't know what problems your son has away from Autism, however, I would not try and get points in every single question. Some people fall into the trap of trying to get points everywhere. In the communication question I admitted that my written English was very good, but my communication with others was very poor and suffer with severe anxiety and would need to be promopted to speak to others.

    In regards to preparing food, I am not sure if you answering the question as you did really gives them enough information to give you points. I got 4 points in this area. I answered the question that I can only make very basic meals, this includes pot noodle, toast and so on, but can not use the cooker. You saying he used the cooker implies that he knows how to use a cooker. Perhaps you may mention that you turned on the cooker for him and supervise him at all times.

    Engaging with others - This should be a typical point scorer for anyone with Autism. You can write that your soon struggles to interact with others, would often not speak to most people and unfamilar people and would need prompting to speak to others.

    Travel - Again another potential point scorer. I would speak of anxiety, nervousness and so on. He can not get on public transport because he suffers with severe anxiety and feels nervous when being around others, perhaps mention that he needs help with travelling.

    I can't answer the questions for you, but that is how I answered, but much longer. The key words are promoting, supervision and unable. I think at appeal you'll get more points. They'll see it differently to DWP.

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    Thank you for your help Runnah. Where was this site and you when I received the form ? Ha ha ha
    I can see where I may have problems. Yes he can get into a taxi but leaving hine I tell the driver where he is going and coming home they have it on their screen where he is coming back to. I always use the same taxi firm so most of the drivers know him and know he won't talk.
    As for using a cooker he decided to switch it on but did not light it as he just walked off.
    Apart from the Autism he also has A.D.H.D
    Which doesn't help with concentration he has to be kept on task all the time. Even during a conversation you can see him switching off basically concentration has gone. The letter from college also highlights this as they say they have to keeo him focused.
    He can't wash his hair as he hates water running over his face so I have to do that.
    Finance he is terrible. I can take him to the shop and he will walk out without his change. Usually I have to remind him or the shopkeeper will call him back for it. I do these things with him to try and make him understand that things need to be paid etc....

    He had bad aggression especially when he becomes confused if asked lots of questions or the day hasn't gone well for him and he is stressed.

    Thanks again for your help. Xx

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