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Thread: Tightening Up of WCA on the way

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    Tightening Up of WCA on the way

    As if the latest Gerrymandering of the PIP Regs wasn't enough, read on.

    "The Green Paper rings alarm bells that people in the ESA Support Group are the next to be targeted."
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    Just bumping the thread for those that may be interested, here's more info: WRA for SUPPORT GROUP.
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    [QUOTE=Jard;122581]Just bumping the thread for those that may be interested, here's the latest: WRA for SUPPORT GROUP.[/QUOTE

    Couldn't get through the whole article but it seems that what I did read shows the philosophy

    "Working can cure illnesses"

    So that's brilliant, we can now get rid of the NHS because the DWP can "cure" us by supporting us with our govenment approved pox doctors clerk who can change employment so that all jobs can be done by the sick or disabled, great let's have blind traffic wardens for a start.

    There was me thinking Mrs May might be more sensitive to the sick and disabled because her mum had MS, maybe in truth she would have wanted the opportunity to euthanise her!

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    I have, in a couple of postings of mine in various threads, mentioned the work and health programme.

    I have been alarmed not just on this site, but on others and in general how completely unaware a lot of disabled people are of the coming events. I have drip fed the information that is out there to see if anyone wanted to dig further. I didnt want to be in the "messenger gets shot" situation. It seems that people are mostly unaware of the coming changes, or possibly have skimmed over thinking that it wont be a big deal.

    I am glad you have opened the debate. My softly softly approach didnt work and over the last few days in particular, with the response to the changes to PIP, I have debated if now was the time to bring up the subject about the changes that will be happening to ESA. I was going to wait a while, but in all honesty I was finding it hard to keep my virtual gob shut.

    I took part in the consultation on the green paper.

    It is at that stage of defining and redefining how they are going to go about achieving their aim. So things are not by any means set in concrete yet.

    Good news. Its a ten year plan, things will be introduced gradually. Trial and error will change legislation where things are shown to be unworkable, ineffective etc. Like all things government, it will take twice as long as anticipated and cost three times as much - that will have an impact on how much of their original aim they can achieve.

    Bad news. Its passed the consultation stage. Next stage is formulation of the white paper and then due legal process. Its going to happen. The aim is by autumn this year.

    The "can't categorise it as good news, but it could be worse" category. The government cant take on the whole of the existing support group as well as the soon to be increased WRAG population. It will be done in stages. Some will be in the first and early stages, others later on. From the timescale to effect complete change, we are talking years, it may well be that a lot of us older claimants will be on state pension by the time "our stage" is reached.

    The days of being on JSA and signing on every two weeks and not being hassled has already ended. Sanctions, work and work related activity mandatory, daily signings etc.

    The days of being on ESA and not being hassled is next in line for change. How much hassle is going to come down to what they do, when they do it and if it works. And then a new government may come in and things may change again. Do I (personally) think that this green paper will fail? No. Will we get a white paper and some support group claimants start getting hassled? Yes. Maybe the hassle will be regular phone calls - some people can live with that and others can't. If its voluntary you can just decline. If they make anything mandatory you ask for adjustments (mine will be no phone calls, problems with hearing and with answering call quick enough so require email contact instead)

    How bad will it be? I don't think its going to be great obviously. The initial "voluntary" aspect will be replaced by mandatory because too few will take up the "offer". It may go from "contact" ie regular phone calls, to work related acitivity as decided by your work coach.

    Trying to get a large proportion of the support group into work related acitivy is going to be very challenging. The job centre and their partner agencies couldn't manage well with the higher unemployment levels - returning to those levels with ESA claimants = insufficient staffing levels, and the need for any work activity location to be "disability accessible" and then reasonable adjustments for each individual claimaint = nightmare. Especially when you consider the potential for a claimant to make a disability discrimination case seeing as you don't have to be an employee to do so, merely being a "visitor" to said premises is enough ;-)
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    Yes BB as you say "it's going to happen", my belief is there will be an effect sooner rather than later re: the 10yr plan. It's why I'm pushing the thread, people should be more aware of what is in the offing.
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    Jard, they are aiming to get the white paper through by autumn this year

    I cannot find the legislation/regulation, universal credit may have inbuilt its own version of "support" . Its mandatory to have a work discussion with work coach as soon as you put in a claim for it. Pau is a new poster, the first I have come across who is getting the support group equivalent of UC the LCWRA. They are finding out if the fortnightly contact being instigated by their work coach is voluntary or mandatory.

    If voluntary maybe they are warming up their workforce, as UC is going live in most areas and becoming "full service" in more by the week. The difference being in some areas unemployed disabled people are having to make ESA claims, and in the other areas they are accepting disabled claimants and so are being assessed for UC.

    If mandatory under UC. Then we have to wait for the white paper, the legislation and then the implementation to take effect for both ESA and UC.

    edited to add. I am so on the same page with you regarding getting the word out there...216 views and not one other person commenting. You can lead a horse to water.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by brightonbelle View Post
    Jard, they are aiming to get the white paper through by autumn this year
    Yes I know, cheers.................

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    sorry, thought i'd buried that nugget in amongst me ramblings and you'd missed it.

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    You can lead a horse to water.....
    I'm with you all way there BB.

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    well, if it helps part of the consultation when it came to "over coming barriers" I did suggest that the DWP pave the way forward by ensuring that both captia and atos took steps to address the disability assessment centres that were not disability friendly.

    Giving the example of my one not having ground floor interview rooms and toilet facilities. By their own guidance you have to able to use stairs in the case of emergency, so need to have ground floor facilities. Unless of course they only assess claimants without mobility issues.

    Think they took it well will be interesting to see in the future, when as a support group member, my time comes for a visit to the job centre. Hopefully the DWP will have made adjustments across all JC's to enable access and participation..ha hahhhahhhhh.

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