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Thread: Anyone got an answer on this one?

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    Anyone got an answer on this one?

    Anyone know how much ..over the many decades... we, as a nation, have given in money via charities, like, Save the Children ...Comic Relief...etc. etc.?
    What I am curious about is...why, if over all these years we are still being asked to contribute for Water Aid for example-surely by now, the whole of the African continent should be piped for clean water? Or, Save the Children... shouldn't there be adequate buildings to house children for safety? And hospitals to provide health care to those who need it?
    Or is it that over all these decades of money being given freely and willingly is just being wasted? .....just wondered.It has been a lot of years and a lot of money that we give to these charities but it never seems to do enough!

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    Ah yes, but when you 'save the children' they grow up to have even more children, who grow up to have.....

    So you need more water pipes, houses, and hospitals.
    I'm intelligent enough to know that I don't know everything.
    But I'm good at searching for, and finding, stuff.

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    Wrong. It's because humans keep starting wars, climate change is real and is causing havoc and. You know what this thread doesn't even deserve an answer.

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    Hi Marilyn, Another reason 'could' be down to the charities involved. NOT all charities behave in the same way and I want to make that clear. However, for instance, there are a number of charities, both mid and large size, who (let's use out of every £1 donated for ease) will take their cut...sorry 'expenses' 1st and then donate remainder to the actual cause. I have read this can leave as little as 3p in the £1 going to those for whom the money is being raised.

    On the other side of the coin, you then have those totally opposite, who will retain as little 3p in every £1 donated making sure that 97p from every pound donated reaches those in need.

    Without going through the charities accounts (not those shown on charity website, as these are never detailed enough!) it may well be impossible to find the answer you seek. Personally, there are some instances when charities make the headlines, that they seem to be run the same way the govt deals with payments to countries 'less well off than ourselves' and much of these billions find their way into the govts coffers of receiving country or even the monarchy/president or head of such country, and the amount from those £billions is but a nominal %!

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    Oh dear....smokie 899.....I too despair of the wars that we humans are so good at causing ...and the animals that we are so good at killing but the question I posed wasn't about these things but about why things never seem to improve despite the money we have been donating over so many years. I just wondered if anyone had any idea of the amount that we have given towards all these countries in need in all that time. And if there was some organisation that actually kept track historically of all these donations to countless charities in all this time.
    I watched the news earlier today and the situation in Somalia and the surrounding countries are in dire straits just now due to drought and war. I really hope and pray that one day things will improve but somehow I doubt it. My question was in all innocence not to be contentious.

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    Thanks Spencer.....I know that corruption is rife when money is involved [unfortunately]. I would love it if all monies made from these appeals for aid actually did land at the feet of those in need ...either in clothes, food, medications, etc., but can honestly say ...not a hope in hell. There can be no real charitable aid that gives every penny to those in need, well, if there are any I would love to know! Such an awful situation that those in desperate need continue to suffer at the hands of the greedy.
    I suppose all anyone who donates to these causes has hopes of doing some good. And God..whoever she may 'em.

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    WaterAid income for year 2016 accounting period was £85,475,000.
    All of the 'eye-watering' financial figures are towards the end of this report.

    Save The Children did much better. Their latest declared income was £389,717,000.
    Again, scroll the end of the report, and work backwards to see how many have got their fingers in the till.

    In answer to the original question, you will probably never know the true figure, but it must be many, many billions of pounds; and like you say - what is there to show for it? Plenty of nice lifestyles in the UK is my guess, judging from the figures.

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    Marilynmcl I owe you an apology 'I'm sorry'. I just read the posts after watching the news were a young kid had on the news had starved to death by the time the film crew had finished filming. Not an excuse, I was just angry that this is still happening.
    Again I'm sorry for the poor post.

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